Self-acceptance is the key to your success

May 6, 2023

Self-acceptance is the key to your success. Every soul is born with everything they need to manifest an extraordinary life, but it only exists within you as potential. It then requires your acceptance of your gift to reach the success held within your authentic self.

Your personal experiences and circumstances are the building blocks you were given to manifest the life you want, but that requires your belief and trust in yourself. You are also attempting to accomplish your goal while restructuring your world, which is why we have provided guidance. We did so on this date in 2012. We also provided you with more clarification during our live conversation yesterday so you might harness the impetus of the lunar eclipse to initiate change in your life and world. Still, you are the one who must choose self-acceptance.

May 6, 2012

The two words move on, can serve as a powerful reminder for you about your goals during this lifetime. 

You always intended to experience as much as possible and continually expand and evolve. That goal is impossible to reach when you attempt to recapture past events, change past events, or lament what might have been different. In actuality, the only way you might alter any past event is through your current thinking, which creates your future.

You would do well to attempt to use the words move on as your mantra to propel you to capture the next experience, assimilate what you have gained from your experiences, and expand.


Here’s yesterday’s session:

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