Money will be your greatest challenge

May 4, 2023

Money will be your greatest challenge. Money in and of itself holds no intrinsic value except that which you give it. You do that by how much value you place upon yourself and how much you are willing to give and receive. Everything physical is manifested by the energy you direct with your thoughts.

There is no lack of money anywhere in your world, yet many have accumulated massive wealth while others suffer, and you are the one who holds the key that could shift that imbalance, and we have said that was the reason for this current restructuring.

You will experience a lack of money in your life when you deny who you are. You were born wealthy, which means you could have as much as anyone, but that also requires shifting your consciousness to acceptance and deservedness. But you must also recognize you are moving through a generational shift in your world, and you carry the limited beliefs and thoughts of all those who came before, and they will be specific to your DNA and your ancestral lineage.

This change can bring up thoughts of shame and embarrassment when you find yourself in lack, but it is also the perfect opportunity for you to shift that thinking in your life so it has a collective and cumulative effect in your world. We have said a wealth and income imbalance existed for eons in your world, and you intended to make a difference in your lifetime. That occurs when you decide to love yourself and allow the energy of abundance to enter your consciousness.

It will require effort, but you stand at an evolutionary time in your world where you can make that change which we will discuss in our live conversation tomorrow. We want to take advantage of this powerful eclipse that could allow you to release your old programming and that of your world. 


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