You are not the same person

May 2, 2023

You are not the same person. That statement is true for you each day of your physical life experience, but we wanted you to pay particular attention to that fact at this time in your life and world.

You are moving through periods of your evolution and that of your world you have not experienced, and many of you have felt uncertain, frightened, and questioned what was happening to you and the world. You are ascending, and you will do it how it serves you.

You are about to move into another period of accelerated energy that could be confusing, but that is why we have our live conversation with you Friday. But before that, we would like you to hear a session we held several months ago as it will be aligned and a completion of a grand transition for you all. Here’s the session.

Combining it with the message we provided in 2012 will make you more readily accept the new person you have become. What we want most is for you to embrace your more enlightened self and your importance. 

May 2, 2012

You are always seeking new information. It would help if you remembered this fact when you have particular events, circumstances, and situations that arise in your current life experience that you think are very similar to past events. The tendency is to berate yourself for what you believe are the same mistakes you made in those prior instances or wish you had made different choices. When you think that is what is occurring now, you will inadvertently block the new information you sought.

It is impossible for you to repeat precisely the same experiences, for you did gain information that expanded your awareness, which is what you are up to now. Let the new information appear.


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