You’ve never done this

April 28, 2023

You’ve never done this. We are speaking of your current restructuring. It was meant to cause you to own who you are so your civilization would ascend as each of you do individually. 

But this time is different on your evolutionary journey, which is the same for your world. You each have something you were given to contribute, but accepting and understanding what that might be would have been a challenge during your rapidly changing world.

You create both the same way, which is why we have provided guidance, and you need only believe our advice as it is the same one you possess. The message from 2012 will aid you today.

April 28, 2012

Whatever you focus on will increase. This concept is one of the most valuable to consciously remember as you move through your day. Focus means that you are intentionally adding energy to something.

All things physical are pure energy. Your physical mind, or brain as you think of it, has the ability to harness and then place this energy in specific places. This is such a natural and automatic occurrence that you fail to recognize that you are doing it all the time. It is not possible for you to even be on the physical plane without operating in this manner.

Now you can decide to use it deliberately in your favor.


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