Your emotions can help you now

April 26, 2023

Your emotions can help you now. That is if you allow them their full expression. You are moving through a massive restructuring in your life and world for evolution. 

You are also in a period of great reflection. You are meant to examine how much you have allowed yourself to love who you are and bring your authentic self to the world. You are also releasing generations of limited thinking you might not have known you possessed.

While it might be challenging for you to believe in yourself right now, you will when you practice self-forgiveness and make a greater effort to embrace every aspect of who you are. We gave you a message in 2012 that we want you to contemplate now. 

April 26, 2012

Every aspect of your physical life experience holds what you might consider emotional ups and downs. It would help if you recognized that they are indeed emotional; you may hold intellectual thoughts about those areas or arenas of your life, but that will have little effect without the emotional component.

Your emotions cause you to feel anything; only when you feel something do you truly experience it. When you begin to welcome and embrace all those so-called ups and downs, you will ascertain and utilize their meaning and wisdom effortlessly.


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