You can change your world when you change yourself

April 23, 2023

You can change your world when you change yourself. It is you, or you would not be alive at this time and would not be reading our words.

You exist at a time of the restructuring of your world, which means you were given something of value that if you were to recognize and actualize your gifts now, you would add the energy of light and love to your life and world. There is no soul that holds more power and ability to accomplish that task than you. It only requires changing your perception of yourself and your life experiences. All of them have been perfect to bring you to this moment.

You will move into another phase of this transition, requiring more of you to examine who you are, what you have ignored, and the generational limitations you were meant to release now.

Even our messenger had difficulty accepting we had provided this work years earlier, but it is the same for each of you. You don’t know what you can accomplish until you try. The message we provided in 2012 will serve you now. 

April 23, 2012

Whenever you use an excuse to explain your behavior, you also choose to put up a barrier or block your expansion. You may seek to find examples where this may not be true; however, after close examination, you will be hard-pressed to do so.

Any excuse then becomes your reason for not choosing to find a way, solution, or to make something possible, which is precisely expansion. You no longer need excuses when you become willing to own your worth, value, and inherent gifts.

The process of eliminating or not making any excuses involves the development or recognition of your inherent courage and strength.


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