Your life and world could change today

April 19, 2023

Your life and world could change today. They could change, but it all depends on the actions you take. We have said you are moving through a restructuring in your world, which occurs through you. You exist in the world to offer your essence to cause the change you want to witness in your life and the world, for they are the same. 

You might not have understood your importance or why you had your particular life journey, but we assure you it was for this time, and when you realize who you are and your importance, you will change your life and the world. We will give you much more in our live conversation tonight. You need not attend in person, for we will have our messenger send the replay to all, for it is time for you to love yourself and prosper, and now you will understand why.


Please join us! “The most powerful eclipse and new moon for your life and world – a Wilhelm conversation “
Wednesday, April 19, 2023 – 9 PM PST 

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