Our question and answer session for April 2, 2023

Here are the messages over the years we provided we referred to in the session.

April 2, 2012

When used together, the two words become willing and held by you as a type of mantra as you move through your physical life experience can have a transformative effect. Place them in front of anything you desire, and the meaning of this will become more evident.

Become willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your desires and manifest them in your personal reality. Become willing to think differently about what you are capable of and what is possible. Become willing to say no to those things you know are not leading you toward your true desires.

When you become willing, you open yourself to all available resources, wisdom, and knowledge that are always there for you.


April 2, 2013

Every complaint you have merely calls for a change in your behavior. Your immediate reaction to that statement might be to find instances where you feel justified, so to speak, in having your complaints. Every time you accept that thinking, you are giving away the power to control your physical life experience and your ability to experience a state of peace. 

It matters not if you think your complaints are caused by a particular situation or person in your life experience; you always maintain the ability to change it somehow. You can choose to leave the situation, person, or circumstance; ultimately, you can change your thinking, which always changes your experience. 

You can use every instance where you complain as an opportunity to regain your life and experience that peace.  


April 2, 2020

You don’t know enough to be skeptical, and atheists are helpful. We wanted a long title so we might attract more readers. If you “happen” to be reading this message, you were meant to do just that. The first title we gave Roger was suffering is a choice. But he thought that might be too much for now, but we will also come to that in the future.

We will begin a series we affectionately title 2005. Some years ago, Roger found a folder with that name containing dreams he was experiencing during that time. It is important to know Roger rarely has vivid dreams for him to recall. But they were occurring continually that year, and he documented them all. This morning he went to find the folder and could not. We hid it from him for now, for Roger does what all of you do. You doubt yourselves and any information you might be receiving. He will find the folder, but the particular dream he wanted to recall, which we have spoken of, is this one. 

Roger saw himself with a group of people who seemed to be leaders. They were asked who would volunteer to do something. Roger got up and ran to the front of the gathering. Standing there, he asked, “why did I do this?” He thought the responsibility might be too great, and he would never live up to it. Here’s the punchline. You all are in that exact place in your lives, and so is your world. None of this is accidental.

There will be more, and you will enjoy this extended time we will have together. As we alluded to, one last thing is that you only suffer when you refuse to believe your current world conditions are causing your world to evolve. Each of you is an integral part. 


Here’s the recording of the question and answer session. https://bit.ly/434LawQ

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