Your greatest fear is of yourself

March 3, 2023 

Your greatest fear is of yourself. We could not state that more clearly as we know, many of you are finding it difficult to move beyond your anxiety so that you can fulfill your mission and love yourselves to contribute to your world and your evolutionary journey.

On this date ten years ago, we told you there was always a way, and that way exists within you, and you are alive now to bring it forth to manifest the new world you all desire. But you each back away from your gifts, which is why we gave you our work to aid you in restructuring yourself and your world. It can only happen when you stop fearing who you are and become willing to share your gifts. 

Yes, many of your gifts began to emerge over the last several years. However, you have still pushed them away or not believed them, just as you had difficulty believing we provided guidance years ago, but our guide was to aid you in remembering your own.

You each typically hear yourselves in hindsight, just like our channel. We had him find a recording of a session we held on a pivotal day last December. We did it on that day, so you might remember you are here to cause an evolution in consciousness which can only occur when you move through your self-judgment and doubt and love yourself and your life journey, for all of it has been perfect.

You do not have accidental experiences, and you align with your world, and now is the time more of you need to own your gifts and energetically shift your life and world. That is the aid we have given you, but as you will hear in the recording, our channel has doubted like you because he feared himself, but today things will change for you all. 

Please enjoy this recording; it will help you remember who you are. Yes, we were intense, as we wanted you to hear us.


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