You were wanted

February 19, 2023

You were wanted. No matter what you might have believed about your life so far or the contribution you have made or not made at this time, your essence is an essential portion of the creation of your world, and your existence now could not have been more necessary as your journey has added to the collective ascension of your planet.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012, as today is when we wanted you to pay attention, and it is also why we planned our live conversation with you later today. Nothing in your life has ever been accidental. We will reveal far more, and you will find it challenging to continue denying your importance and how much you have been guided and loved during this transition.

February 19, 2012

The present is your gift. While that thought may seem like a play on words, it is one that you would do well to hold. When you understand that in your present moment of now, you possess the ability to do, be, have, and create anything you desire, you simultaneously release all your otherwise valid excuses that have held you back, so to speak.

When you allow yourself to be occupied with all the thoughts of what you have not done or any form of regret, it is much more challenging to muster the motivation or creativity to do anything at all.

You can only act in your present, so that is indeed your gift now.


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