You were never a victim

February 13, 2023

You were never a victim. Those words might be challenging to accept for many of you as you examine your life and the world, but we assure you they are true. 

You agreed to take on specific circumstances and experiences during your physical life experience that would serve both your evolution and that of your world, which is why you chose this time of restructuring.

We knew you would not be able to hear us when we provided this information ten years ago, but you have now gained more awareness to comprehend what we meant and why we wanted more of you to thrive now. Everything we have given you was to guide you to understand and accept your importance and all you decided to take on so you might evolve. 

We also had Roger record a live message for you yesterday that we will leave, and the combination will have it all resonate more so you become who you are meant to be. A wonderful contribution. 

February 13, 2013

You have never been victimized by anything that has occurred in your physical life experience. As you think about that statement, you will revisit many past incidents or events in your life where you felt victimized. As you find those incidents, you should rethink them and open yourself to receive the valuable information and wisdom they were designed to bring you.

They often presented an opportunity for you to detach from something physical, thereby recognizing and owning your eternal spiritual self. You will also understand now that you can embrace any other situations that occur for you and immediately seek the blessing they hold.  


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