Artificial guilt will no longer serve you

January 19, 2023

Artificial guilt will no longer serve you. You could not have understood the message we provided in 2012 until now. You expand your consciousness a bit at a time which is why we have given everything in increments. It is up to you how much you accept.

You are moving through a generational change on your planet, and you each carry ancestral memories you meant to transcend. It is the only manner you can complete your evolutionary journey and add to the collective. 

We are giving you another element today as we lead you to our live conversation on Sunday. Some of you will not hear us as you have not been willing to listen to your higher guidance, but we will do our best. 

You are in the world to evolve, expand, and prosper or you would not be reading us. But you have also held what we term artificial guilt, meaning it serves no purpose in your evolvement. That guilt is artificial because you have carried it for generations. You may have no conscious memory of why you feel guilty, but it has impacted your life and world.

We said this is a restructuring of your world, and the United States would lead the way, which you will witness more of in the next several days. They will decide how much they allow prosperity for the good of all or continue generational limitations that have you maintain a sense of separation from others. 

You are doing that. 

January 19, 2012

Every soul comes to the physical plane with their own agenda, including you. Your intention was to always attend to your agenda, and if that agenda includes others, you will always know what actions and decisions you will make that affect your agenda and theirs.

This does become tricky for you at times, for you have let artificial guilt enter the picture. Guilt that is artificial means that it serves no purpose in your expansion or that of another. You will sometimes find yourself holding back your own progress, for you feel guilty that doing so will hinder the progress of another. Seek to know your agenda during this lifetime.


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