Your conflicts are no longer hidden

December 14, 2022

Your conflicts are no longer hidden. They have been on full display within you and your world. You could only have understood the message we gave you in 2012 after you had your recent global and internal experiences, but now you might decide to resolve your conflict.

The conflict within you is not believing in what you came to the world to offer and thinking that it could not be you. You each hold equal importance in the formation of your world, but you also accomplish that collectively, which was the purpose of restructuring your world that happens through you. 

When you decide to love who you are, you will love others, for you will recognize your oneness which is always the goal of all that is. We gave you everything you needed to move through this period. Still, Roger also had to resolve his inner conflict, which has existed for years as it has with you, but that was also purposeful because you could not evolve if you stayed in the same place, and now is when it would be best to move. 

You each carry disbelief about who you could become, and often it is given to you at a young age, and you might have believed others rather than yourself. Roger daydreamed, received judgment, and attempted to block his intuition, as you might have. But now it has become his most valuable gift, and the same will be true for you. We only wanted you to believe in yourself. 

December 14, 2012

A hidden or unconscious conflict that you possess is the association between imagining and daydreaming. While, in essence, they mean the same thing; using your thought to create, you have extracted different meanings from your world or society. 

You began to accept that daydreaming in some way carried a “negative” connotation, meaning that it was a waste of time or somehow participating in some form of folly or unrealistic thoughts. These beliefs cause you to attempt to stay away from them, while in fact, that is the imagining you use to create and manifest your physical life experience and world. You would do well to resolve the conflict. 


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