You have never been needed more

November 6, 2022

You have never been needed more. We mean the parts of you that you have withheld, judged, or doubted existed within you. They did exist, you did not imagine them, but you had yet to gain the cognitive acceptance of who you are.

You purposeful chose to be alive to aid in restructuring your world and your life, but that can only occur when you accept every aspect of yourself. We know the current times in your life and world have been confusing and frightening for some, but at times you require a bit of motivation before you take that next step into the higher dimension of who you are.

You would make that choice now because your world could use your essence, and it will be the one that arrives without your judgment. None of you have experienced a time like this. But many of you, like Roger, have memories of what you are meant to do but denied who you are. 

We said we guided in 2012, and that was a challenge for many of you to accept, especially Roger. But he can no longer do that because he has acknowledged it has occurred, and he can see that we charted the way for you even to the next major shift in your world on Tuesday when you have a well-orchestrated full moon and eclipse. 

We wanted your light to begin to rise now, and you will understand that in the message we provided, and you might even start to believe more in yourself. 

Some of you are experiencing strange physical occurrences in your bodies, which are only your resistance to moving into higher dimensions. Roger took steps the other day which we urged, and now he no longer needs knee surgery or work done on his feet. It is always about you becoming willing to walk in your shoes. 

November 6, 2012

The results of all events and occurrences in your physical life experience are always for your highest good. This concept often escapes your awareness as those results are being presented because they may be uncomfortable for you. Or your current moment awareness does not allow you to capture the meaning of those results in terms of how they further your expansion and evolvement.

This is always true for you personally as well as your world. You always come to know this eventually, and you would do well now to examine your history to find evidence of this. You will find results of events that, when they occurred, were difficult for you, but later, you recognized how magnificent they became.


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