We gave you a solution for your life and world

October 26, 2022

We gave you a solution for your life and world. When Roger awakened this morning, we said those words to him, which were challenging for him to accept, like it is for more of you to accept your purpose and worth in your life and world. 

It is a process through which you all move, as does your world, and as we have said, you are moving through a major restructuring this time. None of you have experienced this. But many of you have memories like Roger of what is occurring. It becomes more vital for each of you to offer that wisdom to improve your lives and world. 

We said we provided you with guidance in 2012, which was difficult for many of you to accept as you have also been frightened and confused by world events but again, they were all necessary for the evolution of your world. 

You moved into a new area yesterday during the new moon in Scorpio, so we had Roger hold a live conversation where we explained more, and we will leave a link to that recording.

Then today, we told Roger to place the message we delivered on this date in 2012, and when you put them together, you might find more belief in yourself, for that was the intention of all our work, and that will lead to healing your life and world. 

October 26, 2012

Allow all the events and circumstances that are occurring in your physical life experience at this moment to come together, unfold, and reveal to you the magnificent results that will accelerate your expansion and greater wisdom.

This is quite literally the explanation of the synchronicity of all those events and circumstances that comprise the unknown before you. And is the essence of faith and trust in the integrity of your life experience.

This process continually occurs, and the results always reveal themselves when you allow it. Your difficulty at times has been having faith and trust. It has also been your impatience and your interference, if you will, in the process itself. You merely need to think back in your history and find all the evidence of this.


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Channeled on October 25, 2022

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