Your past was perfect

Your past was perfect

April 28, 2010

We are going to make a bold statement here, so you are prepared to receive this message. Many who read this will find some sense of relief within themselves, but you will know why you were born.

We want all of you to attempt to embrace this sentence; your past was perfect. As you explain your understanding, you all will gain clarity. Last night a “random” thought came to you that transported your memory back fifteen years to a specific point in time of your life
experience, and from where you stand now, all of those experiences make sense. Then you began putting together all the subsequent events of your life, and you discovered a specific path that previously felt disconnected, now seem perfectly aligned.

Then you experienced a period of regret because you thought if you had known all this earlier, your life would have been easier. That statement is not true. You could not hold the perspective you do now without those experiences. And you could not have helped others come to understand the perfection of their lives without you finding yours. You’re welcome.


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