You are attempting to become more

You are attempting to become more

September 9, 2020
You are attempting to become more. That statement is meant to make you aware of your constant and continual state of existence, even if you are only aware of this lifetime. Some of you will understand that sentence.

We have told you there was a restructuring occurring in your world, and the United States would lead the way. The part you didn’t consider is that the restructuring first begins with you. When we speak of the collective you now, please include yourself. You may look at world conditions and believe things are falling apart, yet they are not. Change that phrase to restructuring, and you will notice the effects of that in the increased awareness of your humanity.

To many, it feels as if this is all too much to take. And that is what Roger first felt this morning, and he needed some support, as you all do. You have always had it but not knowing that in the present moment causes you to become more, which is occurring in you and your world.

Roger knew we had given him something before that may help, and we will leave it with you all.

August 23, 2013
You are the strongest person you know. While that statement is factually inaccurate, hopefully, it will grab your attention enough for you to begin to recognize the strength you do possess. All souls have this ability when they decide to access it, and there is no hierarchy of strength or difficulties and challenges in the Universe.

This escapes your awareness for two main reasons. First, when you are called upon to access your innate strength because of some challenge that faces you, that newfound strength becomes a part of your new evolved being so you no longer notice it. Secondly, you compare yourself to others who, in your estimation, are going through something much more difficult than you, so it is difficult for you to imagine you could muster that strength, but in fact, you and all others always do.

Strength then means accessing the unlimited potentials of your being.

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