The salvation of the world depends on you

The salvation of the world depends on you

June 20, 2021
The salvation of the world depends on you. We are speaking to every soul who might read our words, for they are accurate for each. If you have difficulty accepting this premise, it means you are in a crucial part of your evolutionary journey.

We will attempt to make the detailed information we are sending Roger to be simple. You are eternal beings, and you decide to be born into a specific point where your existence would do the most good to facilitate your evolution, which is that of the world. We do hope more of you earnestly study that statement.

Evolution only occurs as more of you come to understand your individual importance in this process. For example, years ago, we gave Roger a process to use in our online program called "how to have a happy childhood." Today the reason we did that is making sense and coincides with the title of this message.

To make our point more evident, we thought pointing out that today is Father’s Day in the United States will even help in our explanation. You have connections to all who came before you, and they are much more than what you can know now. But those connections are typically tied to restrictions and limitations you wanted to move through; otherwise, you would not have chosen this period to be alive.

We are saying that this restructuring is decisive, and when you understand that your ancestors laid the foundation for your evolvement, you will more readily accept the job title we have given you, and you will be fine.

Acknowledge your experience of regret and use it to do good

Acknowledge your experience of regret and use it to do good

June 19, 2021
Acknowledge your experience of regret and use it to do good. That sentence is what we want to convey to you individually and the world at large. You are moving through a massive restructuring for the purposes of expansion. That expansion is occurring within you and then manifested in your physical world. For this to happen, you must be willing to share your growth experiences so more will appear.

We know the words we are using are subjective, but you know what they mean for you, and no one who would read this message would be confused. To acknowledge regret means that you come to understand there is more you could offer the world simply by owning who you are.

It took us a while to get Roger to deliver this because it is the same message we have given him for eons but now is when he and you are meant to realize what you are up to and aid this restructuring.

We told Roger to find a message that we gave a year ago, which he experienced yesterday. Many of you, like Roger, do not believe yourselves until you have proof, and this message will provide that. We know it will cause this message to become lengthy, but it is essential, so study this, and you will be fine.

August 9, 2020
You will come out of this period much better than you were. We know those words may not be comforting for many, but we will do our best to make it so. It took so long for Roger to allow this message to come through for reasons you might not have imagined. Roger thought that his optimistic view might be uncomfortable to some, and then we told him, "false humility is never helpful."

We led Roger to listen to many videos this morning, and many of them he knew he heard before, but today they made more sense. You each expand in your consciousness throughout this lifetime, and even others, which is not necessary for you to accept or understand now. You can witness this phenomenon in your current life; however, as Roger did, which is why he was so optimistic as his life experience informed him as to what is occurring in the world. You evolve individually and then as a whole. You are all doing this now.

We have said that when you do your job, you would be happy, fulfilled, and abundant. When you have lived your life denying you hold power or ability, it is not so easy to instantly summon it, so you require a bit of linear time. We led Roger back to a portion of a message that only makes sense fully today. We will leave it here as each of you will experience this either now or later, but it is why this period is helpful for you and how we know you will be fine and come out better.

"There is no greater feeling and experience than finding what you feel you were destined to do in your life, and there is no feeling worse than also knowing you are the only one who does not believe this, and you are the only one preventing you from having all you desire."

Finally, that quote makes sense to Roger, and today it will for those with whom he is currently working, and you know who you are.

The more of yourself you reveal, the more helpful you become to the world

The more of yourself you reveal, the more helpful you become to the world

June 18, 2021
The more of yourself you reveal, the more helpful you become to the world. That sentence is true for every soul, and it is the main message we have given Roger to follow in this lifetime, and we will continue that practice.

The most revealing part of this message will be the fact that we instructed Roger to examine our earliest works because he can now see what we told him more than thirty years ago is making sense now. We are placing that sentence there because each of you holds a memory of guidance, intuition, or what may have even felt to be a compulsion that will begin to make sense for you now due to this restructuring you desired to experience.

We had Roger find one message in particular, and we will place excerpts here to clarify his life experience of last night, which we told him about back then. We love that clever line which you all will come to understand, and you will be fine.

February 9, 1989
The kind of pace you are currently maintaining may have its downside if you’re not paying attention. From your conversation last night, you did notice how the idea of focusing stood out for you. It would be wise to investigate this avenue. In doing so, you will also become more clear of the areas in which you still maintain an over sense of responsibility to others in your experience. Creating your life does not have to mean that you exclude others, but that you include them in ways that are beneficial to all, especially yourself. Your little incident with Michael the other evening should have also pointed out to you the over-emphasis you place on others merely in arranging your day, which could be seen as arranging and creating your life. You wanted to experience the benevolence of your being in this lifetime, but also how to balance your conflicting ideas on this subject. As said to you earlier, preserve and deserve.

A note from today. Roger was unnerved as he typed those words due to the accuracy they conveyed. You might be shocked when you discover your guidance was accurate and awaiting your acceptance and understanding.

Trust yourself more now

Trust yourself more now

June 17, 2021
Trust yourself more now. Some of you who follow through with the instructions we leave will find more belief in themselves they have sought.

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world and your life. Last night, while Roger watched a news report, he saw evidence of what we delivered some time ago. We then gave him specific instructions. First, we told him to search our messages about a year ago, which he did, and found the one we wanted him to leave.

Then Roger knew that he had a meeting this morning where it became essential for him to put forth the plan for the rest of his life, and he questioned what that might be. So then he decided to drop it until this morning, for he knows we will consistently deliver the answer even though he doubts it as you have questioned your guidance in the past, but now this new day is different.

When Roger came to his computer, there was a video of Kryron right before him, and he knew we directed him there. So we will leave the video link below along with the message we told Roger to find, and we want you to know we gave Roger this information before he started listening to Kryon.

We put in that last part because Roger, like you, has not trusted his guidance entirely until he has proof. Now he and you will have more proof, and you will be fine. So give yourself time to assimilate what you gain.
One last thing. We told Roger not to read our message until he composed this one because we want to instill more belief.

Our message:
The video:

Stop denying who you are because the world needs you now

Stop denying who you are because the world needs you now

June 16, 2021
Stop denying who you are because the world needs you now. If you are reading this message, then it means these words are for you. You do not end up in accidental places in your life, which we will help you come to understand through this message.

Roger had a terrible night’s sleep because we kept bugging him. We do that when his resistance is so strong. As we tell the story, you will see yourself.

Yesterday in a group meeting Roger attended one person, commented that so many now we’re struggling to find their businesses, clients, and correct life path. Roger heard us say to him that we have given him that information repeatedly, and we led him to one message he shared with the group, but now we will share it with you.

We are doing so because this current restructuring is so vital that you following our guidance now will accelerate the evolution of your world. After all, you are that powerful, and you will be fine.

September 25, 2013
The biggest irony that you discover during your physical life experience is that the key to the expansion you seek is being you, and the fear you hold is being you. Your awareness of this irony also provides you with the opportunity to resolve it.

Notice that whenever you hesitate to do something you know you desire to do and that you know it will further that expansion, and you decide to wait, that very waiting period is when you have allowed your life to be controlled by that fear.

Now you will also understand that the fear is there not because of who you are, but what you think others will think of who you are. When you study this entire concept, you will find it difficult to see any exceptions to this.

You were not meant to know how powerful you were until now

You were not meant to know how powerful you were until now

June 15, 2021
You were not meant to know how powerful you were until now. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring occurring in your life and that of your world. They are interconnected and the same. We will leave that cryptic sentence for now because many of you will come to understand it later as Roger is accomplishing now.

The purpose of your physical life journey is to move through limitations. Within the life you are living now, those limitations exist. And those connected to your ancestors, and all those who came before. You decided to be born because you knew you wanted to experience the joy of your further expansion, and you knew that would aid the world.

We gave you the title of this message because it is one we have given Roger many times with different wording. You will move through your lives and discover that you had more ability in some area you previously doubted. The entire process is purposeful, for if it did not occur in that manner, you would never know you did evolve.

Last night we nudged Roger to watch a video performance of his from 1986. When he observed it with his present-day awareness, it was shocking to him that he could not notice his talent then. You are doing the same thing, and you were supposed to do it in this manner.

When you reread this message, it will make sense to you. The main reason we are giving it is to help you avoid the judgment you might place on yourself when you finally start to believe in yourself. That was part of the plan as well, and you will be fine.

Now is the time you intended to accept yourself

Now is the time you intended to accept yourself

June 14, 2021
Now is the time you intended to accept yourself. You are born into the world because you wanted to evolve, and you knew that doing so would also aid your world’s evolution. As you move through your life, you are provided situations and circumstances designed to help that same evolution. The challenge many of you have, especially Roger, is accepting your importance in this plan.

We will give you one story, and then we ask you to reflect upon your life and notice the intuitive guidance you received but have yet to follow, and recognize you wanted this current restructuring to do so. Roger held his chat yesterday where we spoke. The entire experience was much more enjoyable for him this time, and we delivered such valuable time-sensitive information. Roger recorded the session but has yet to watch it, and he may not watch it for a while, for at times, he will judge himself as you might, so he will just offer the next one, with the knowledge we will deliver the timely information.

Now, this part will help you more. We told Roger to search our messages for the word acceptance. You might want to try it yourself on our site. He was shocked to see how many times we have said this, and we will leave one here for you were meant to see it now. You will be fine.

March 31, 2009
While it is always true that you have the ability to be, do, and have whatever you desire, it also requires your acceptance of this fact as your own truth.

Your particular truth is known to you by the practiced thoughts you hold and repeat. Practiced thoughts create beliefs in whatever direction they are practiced. You have long-held beliefs that did not necessarily deliver what you desired, and in turn, you accepted that, unknowingly, as your truth. Repetition of the new thoughts is the most important thing you can do to create the future you desire.

The Universe always delivers to you what you desire, and your only difficulty has been that when it shows up and doesn’t appear to be the way you envisioned it, you form a judgment about that, and at times, miss the opportunity.

Your expectations are always limited, so, therefore, expect the Universe to deliver more.

Decide to keep moving forward now, and things will be easier

Decide to keep moving forward now, and things will be easier

June 13, 2021
Decide to keep moving forward now, and things will be easier. Roger struggled with this title, for he knew it was not the intent we wanted to deliver, but human words limit him. You each make assessments about who you are based on words that indicate levels of more or less or forward and backward, and there is only expansion.

You are in a massive restructuring now, and the reason we said it will be easier now is there is also a galactic shift occurring that those you reading our words will recognize. In each lifetime you choose to be born, you bring forth essences meant to offer you the opportunity to move through your personally held limitations and that of your ancestral bodies. We used the plural, for there is more than you know now.

At times you do need encouragement meant to aid you, and we told Roger to do so today. He planned a webinar where we will speak as we do have urgent information for all, especially for those in attendance, and Roger is quite aware that we are providing him with some of that information now.

For those reading these words, you are to know that even though you may felt your journey to have been difficult, you know you have also embodied this loving and benevolent side that could not always come through. But now it is needed in your world, and as you incorporate more of yourself, it will be easier, and you will be fine.

Your experience of shame is always helpful

Your experience of shame is always helpful

June 12, 2021
Your experience of shame is always helpful. We have been yelling this information at Roger for quite a while now. But his level of shame held him back, as your experience of shame has done.

You are moving through a massive restructuring individually and collectively to cause your world to evolve. When you experience shame, it is alerting you to the resistance you might have in self-acceptance or, it is pointing you in another direction.

The other element of this and this part of the world’s evolutionary journey is that you are also moving through your ancestors’ limitations, and it can be confusing for you.

We are sending through so much information that we will keep this one shorter and continue the series. We mentioned the other day Roger’s discovery of his ADHD and the shock he experienced. He then learned it was heredity, and now he could see this existed in his mother, and today would have been her ninety-second birthday. We advised him to offer more forgiveness for her and himself. Roger was quite aware of the judgment he held about her as he didn’t understand her limitations.

This morning we reminded him of Uncle Stephen, who exhibited the same characteristics but from the other side of the family. When you make these discoveries, you aid your evolution and that of the world when you decide to move through them. For decades Roger has resisted this and judged himself as he did his mother and as you might have judged yourself when you encounter challenges. Roger knows he has always manifested financial disasters, for if he causes lack, he must move to fill it up.

That cycle is exhausting, and it is the one each of you is here now to move through. Be patient, and you will be fine.

The uniqueness of your life journey is what causes you to be valuable

The uniqueness of your life journey is what causes you to be valuable

June 11, 2021
The uniqueness of your life journey is what causes you to be valuable. That sentence is true for every soul but particularly for those who find themselves reading our words. You will begin to know you are not accidental, and neither is your life.

It took quite a while for Roger to write this message which will further inform its intent, and it will be more purposeful for him and you. We mentioned the other day Roger had what felt to him to be a shocking discovery that he had what humans call ADHD. We want to point out that the acronym letters have created the problem rather than offering you the solution. There are no disorders. The condition you would consider to be so is what you use to create order in your life and world to cause evolution.

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring for the purpose of moving beyond limitations. You will uncover parts of yourself you did not understand, but when you remember you are never given anything in your life that was not for your highest good, you accelerate your expansion and that of your world.

Roger began to study the science of this condition more, for as we have said, his orientation this time in his life was to marry science and spirituality. This "shocking" discovery has allowed him to do just that. The limitations you each are releasing are not only in your life but your ancestors and soul family. Roger can see the perfection of this, and due to that, he must move through his limitations.
We urged him to allow us to speak, so he planned a meeting for Sunday as we have more to say to you all. None of this is new, but your acceptance will be. We began telling Roger what was ahead some time ago, but he doubts us just as you have doubted your guidance, but this restructuring will aid you in moving through it, and you will come to know your value.

We will leave a link to one message we delivered a few months ago, but now it will make sense just as your life will, and you will be fine.

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