You can’t stay where you were

You can’t stay where you were

October 25, 2020
You can’t stay where you were. Yes, we are still speaking of your restructuring, and you will succeed in your process of evolvement. That is, if you don’t resist what is being placed before you. Of course, we have a story, and those who choose to accept and understand it will ease their journey over the next several months.

Yesterday Roger held a webinar for his singing program. While it felt great for Roger to offer it, it also wasn’t as fulfilling as the webinar he had for his empowerment group. The reason that occurred, which Roger was unwilling to acknowledge, is Roger was attempting to keep himself where he was. Now the title of the message will make sense to you all. You try to stay where you are, for it feels safe, but is it also not what you want.

Roger knows this is not new for him, and we have been screaming it to him for decades, but now for him and you, the transition will be easier. Acknowledge you are allowing your fear of your future to prevent you from manifesting that future, but you will, as will your world.

We will leave you and Roger with a message and, the study of it will provide comfort for each of you, but please be patient with yourself and the world; look at how long we have tried to get Roger to pay attention. You will be fine.

January 22, 2015
Be prepared. Those two words comprise a slogan that resonates with you and many others, and this is because of the intrinsic truth it holds. When you are in the process of becoming prepared, it also means that you are vibrating on an energy wavelength that is in alignment with who you desire to be, what you choose to create, and what you want to accomplish. It also means you believe you will receive whatever that is.

The process of becoming prepared is also something that can only be accomplished in your moment of now, which also means that you are not sabotaging your journey by projecting your limiting beliefs into some imagined future. How it all gets done is none of your concern.

The more you study this, the more the pure logic within the concept will be revealed. The slogan of, be prepared, easily then leads you to the next one, which is "be all that you can be."

You were not wrong

You were not wrong

October 24, 2020
You were not wrong. First of all, we must acknowledge our struggle with Roger because all our recent messages begin with the pronoun you and Roger thought it was redundant. We said no, we will continue to use it as none of you are through or fully accepting of the restructuring of your world and you occurring now.

We began this message with Roger last night, for he was consumed with self-judgment as he examined his life and found all the things he might have done wrong and numerous instances where we felt he had been taken advantage of or tarnished in some way. We said that is not possible, which is what we are saying to each of you. You are finding yourself examining and questioning your lives at this time due to the various conditions apparent now as your pandemic and the election in the prominent United States.

It is challenging for you to recognize your importance in the world or the timing of when that importance might come through. But we will say to each of you and Roger that timing is now. Last night we kept telling Roger he had not done anything wrong, and he knew we have said that for decades and we do so because he, like you, doesn’t believe us. Yesterday Roger attended a meeting where he witnessed another thing we have said he did not believe fully. Women will be the most significant influence in your restructuring for the balance that needed to shift for evolution to continue is the embodiment and inclusion of the feminine energies within each of you. Roger saw those women at the meeting yesterday, so his trust in our words was strengthened.

This morning Roger found the message we wanted you all to read. However, it is long, but if you have initiative and want to feel your belief in yourself and your position in this entire evolution process, you will find it in this message. Today we are answering Roger’s question, "what if I’m wrong?"

You have changed

You have changed

October 23, 2020
You have changed. We gave Roger an incredibly long title for this message, but we think those simple words will capture the attention of many, for it has occurred for all.

We are speaking of the restructuring of your world being led by the United States and manifesting and being felt internally by you at this time. You each have been lying to yourselves in an attempt to stay where you were and not evolve, which in actuality you cannot accomplish. But what you have done is resisted your restructuring.

There was a political debate in the United States last night, and the stark contrast that was exhibited has been embodied within you. The restructuring occurring is causing each of you individually and collectively to own every aspect of you, which cannot be accomplished through judgment. That is the definition of inclusion. When you notice how you have allowed yourself to believe lies you have told yourself, you may blame others when you were the one who withheld who you were and the power you hold.

We will not explain more of that at this time, but your feminine natures will shift the world’s balance, as we have said. You will nurture yourself more, which includes forgiving others who allowed you to see your truth. You will be fine.

You fear success

You fear success

October 22, 2020
You fear success. Yes, we mean you, for you have cultivated a fear of the unknown, so you don’t want to change as that would leave you vulnerable to that unknown you have feared. Success is a subjective word, but you know what it means for you, and what it means for each soul is the experience of complete empowerment. You will not have that in this lifetime or any other, for you exist in a continual state of evolvement, as does your world.

We are also still referring to the current restructuring of you, your world, and the United States. Please do not judge yourself when you discover the manner in which you have conducted your life, for it is a natural progression of evolution. Over the decades, we have given Roger many messages on success, and each one of them has led to this moment in time.

Yesterday Roger had his brilliant webinar, as we predicated because he was in his element and owned every moment of it. Roger then had a call with his family later, which went really well despite previous conflict fears. Still, Roger trusted his intuition and injected his natural benevolent self into the mix. However, during the call, Roger attempted to explain his new awareness and found it challenging at best because others don’t need to understand your journey for you to do so. And one of the ways, Roger, and probably you, have held yourself back is by needed others to understand you.

Then Roger noticed another situation that he knew he created through being overly generous in an attempt to cause himself to feel worthy. Many of you do that one until you decide enough is enough. You are collectively deciding you no longer want to devalue yourself, and you will succeed. We have spoken of this before, but it will make more sense now. Roger has held an "emotional memory" of a comment from his mother, which he turned into a way of avoiding success. The phrase he hears was, "don’t be so selfish." Roger later interpreted that to mean give everything away. He created an imbalance within himself that manifested in various forms yesterday.

The solution to this, to the healing of your world’s current conditions, is not to judge another but decide to regain your power. The United States will lead this restructuring, but it will take time, as it will within you, but the good news now is you want to do so despite your fear of change. As you study this message over the next few days, more illumination will emerge.

You and your world will evolve when you change

You and your world will evolve when you change

October 21, 2020
You and your world will evolve when you change. We wanted Roger to use a title that would shift the responsibility of the world’s condition to you, so you might begin to grasp the enormous power you hold. Yes, we are speaking directly to you. And of course, Roger will get over his embarrassment and share a story that will aid you all.

During your world’s current restructuring, you each had a role to play, and that role would inform your individual evolution or progression, which must manifest its results in your world. There is not one of you more powerful than another, but none of you believe that entirely, leading to the current conditions you observe in your world. You think someone else has something you need when in fact, what you need has been within you all along. If you were to harness that, you would lack for nothing, have an abundance of money, and a feeling of complete fulfillment. But you didn’t think you could do that.

We told you of Roger’s recent discovery of his connection to his great-grandfather, which Roger felt informed the work he was here to do, and many of you are connecting to your ancestral roots for various reasons. Now even though Roger felt that confirmation, he immediately began to doubt himself and attempted to resort to his old behavior as you have done many times. We told him that would not happen this time.

Roger tried to avoid a conflict within his family, currently occurring in your world and specifically, the United States. The irony is Roger has felt himself to be a peacemaker but runs from the opportunity to be that. You might now recognize the opportunities placed before you in your life now, so you might stop running from yourself.

The choice each of you will make in your life will only always be between love or fear. Here is the part we have not told you. You will only make those choices within yourself, and it is not up to us to tell you what that might be, but if you are honest with yourself, you know what it is, just as does Roger. When you choose love, you choose yourself, and you and your world evolve. You are that powerful.

Oh, yes, you will be fine.

You are moving in the right direction

You are moving in the right direction

October 20, 2020
You are moving in the right direction. We wanted Roger to use a title that most of you would find it challenging to believe when examining your world’s current conditions. However, we assure you our words are correct if you don’t offer resistance.

As we have said, you are experiencing a massive restructuring, and it begins within each of you. There is not one of you here who was not born for the express purpose of evolving, but that process itself is complicated, as are the subjective words we have used so far like right or wrong; they are meant to refer to you personally. You each have a trajectory in your life that is "right" for you if you don’t fear it and decide to listen to your guidance, for it is always there. You may not always believe yourself like Roger has not, but of course, we provide a story.

Yesterday we spoke of Roger’s difficulty in forgiving himself for a mistake he made. The weight of his guilt felt disproportionate to the incident itself; still, Roger could not move beyond it until this morning with our help. We have said that during this period, each of you will encounter feelings and emotions you may not explain. They also might be ancestral connections of which you have no conscious memory, but that never matters.

In an email yesterday about the incident, Roger commented that even though he couldn’t figure out why he felt the way he did, he also knew nothing is accidental. This morning Roger awakened to use the restroom, and after he decided to relax a bit and turn on some meditation music. Roger fell asleep again, and when Roger awakened, "we" had a video playing that discussed evolutionary psychology. Roger had not heard the term, but a cursory view and with information from us told him he has been accomplishing this his entire life but didn’t have a title for what it was.

You and your world are moving in the right direction if you do not resist your guidance. Now to each person, that guidance is the "thing" you felt you want to do in your life. We will explain more tomorrow, but you will be fine.

Your pain is not new

Your pain is not new

October 19, 2020
Your pain is not new. You will gain some comfort through this message, and if you are diligent about genuinely desiring to understand what we are about to give you, the next several weeks of your life will be easier to traverse.

We have said you are currently experiencing a restructuring of the world you knew, which begins with each of you. You individually decided to be alive at this time to aid you in your evolution. It will be different for each and the same. We love our cryptic sentences, but that is one you will come to understand.

One of Roger’s "issues" has been guilt, and we must say it has been typically artificial guilt, which most times he could not explain, which occurred yesterday. Roger made an error in an email he sent to his family and had horrific guilt episodes that bothered him all night. Last night we told him to use one of our techniques, which is called "sit in it." What we meant by that is, at times, you do not know the origin of some of the difficulties you experience because they are quite old. We have said you have connections to your ancestors that continually surface for their release; using our sit in it technique will make sense.

Each of you is currently having your reckoning, which is being exacerbated by the pandemic and your current astrological and planetary shifts that affect you all, despite your denials. But now we will be creative and tie this all together.
We had Roger observe an explanation about climate change that can apply to Roger’s condition and that of your world now. You can easily understand the importance of not leaving a child in a hot car. The science has told you that when hot air cannot escape and is trapped inside a vehicle, it will be harmful and kill the child. You have been that child; you placed yourself in the car and allowed the heat to accumulate and almost killed yourself. You collectively have done it over lifetimes, so also apply this analogy to your planet.

We gave Roger the solution to his some time ago, but evolvement is not instantaneous, so that we will leave that message, and you will understand that even though you may not relate to your past lives, you can relate to this one.

April 20, 2016
You could do nothing better than to decide to take yourself on what could be called a self-forgiveness journey. As you move through your life and experiences, you gain greater wisdom and knowledge. A natural result of those new acquisitions is your own recognition of things you might have done, actions you might have taken, and words you have spoken that you now know were not in your best interest or highest good.

Each little discovery or recognition you have can cause you to experience regret, shame, and harsh self-judgment. These form a barrier or blockage to your continued expansion unless you begin to see them all differently. You will see that you always did the best you knew how with what you knew at the time.

Did you want bondage or freedom?

Did you want bondage or freedom?

October 18, 2020
Did you want bondage or freedom? We thought that title might get your attention, but Roger was also asked when he awakened this morning and did not know why. (We apologize in advance for the length of this message; Roger needs it today.) Then he came to his computer, and uncharacteristically for him, he opened an email before conferring with us. We are making this message as "light" as possible for the more of you who understand it, eventually will lead you to more of your freedom as it will Roger. We say more of it, for as humanity, you never achieve that entirely or the world would cease to exist or evolve. Now that sentence will help all of you move through the current restructuring of your world.

Now we have our usual "Roger" story. Yesterday we referred to Roger’s former roommate and their connection to trigger memories within each of them that aid their individual evolvement. Roger did not know why the film the roommate mentioned was one that held significance for Roger until he watched. We told Roger to follow his instinct and watch it as we ask him to follow his intuition and send this message to his entire family, which will lead to more freedom for Roger.

When Roger watched the film, he reflected on the messages we gave to you all about your personal restructuring, using your ancestry, and moving through more of your individual and collective limitations as humans. Roger then remembered this film was introduced to him twenty-years ago by his great-aunt. Roger had no memory why so he called her yesterday and recounted the story, and then the connection made sense. Roger was to "see" his great-grandfather and carry on that work. But Roger thought, "why me?" and then, "could it be me?" Each of you is asking yourselves those questions in your own ways and for your personal reasons, and now we’ll explain that and brilliantly tie it all together, which surprises Roger still when we do so.

Last night Roger watched a documentary that moved him so much because it reminded him of his "job" in this life; as we have said, you all have one, and Roger knows he is to be love, which is why he struggles to say or do things that might be controversial or cause harm to others. He has also held back his progression, which is why we want him to send this to his family.

Roger sent them all an email yesterday recommending a documentary he just watched, as he did want them to see the things that mattered to him, which are empathy, inclusion, acceptance, and love. Unbeknownst to him before, that was his great-grandfather and the connection of his great-aunt. When Roger sent the email, he blind copied all the family members as, again, Roger was attempting to avoid controversy, but we told him he had to give that up, so we got in the way! Remember, we are making this fun.

Roger’s niece and nephew upset the apple cart by responding to all the members about a video Roger also included, describing how China controlled the Coronavirus. (Now Roger knew why we were asking the question about bondage or freedom.) What China accomplished was achieving freedom through bondage, but evolution involves acquiring freedom through acceptance. (That little sentence we threw in was the secret to world peace).

Roger’s niece is Chinese, so her reaction was to the bondage she knew existed, and Roger’s response was only to the choice you could choose freedom for everyone if all wore masks, which indicated to him, acceptance of all. That acceptance is of one another and yourself ultimately. Roger was not able to accomplish this as many of you haven’t until now.

More of you are mysteriously finding your "voices," as is Roger. Both of his nieces have seen their activism surprisingly coming through, which is the restructuring of your world being activated in every individual. As we have said, you will be fine.
One more thing. Study your history. Every pandemic or global disaster always leads to the evolution of all when you choose freedom. And that is complete and total acceptance of all, including your family. Every eon you get better.

You could have done more

You could have done more

October 17, 2020
You could have done more. Yes, we mean you personally, the world, and the United States. And yes, we are still referring to the restructuring you and your world are currently experiencing. This message might be a bit lengthy, but we must do it for Roger, and we also know some will find enormous value.

We awakened Roger this morning to the uncomfortable experience of finding his television on broadcasting the news, and Roger saw what we told him would occur. Still, as usual, throughout his lifetimes, he doubts his guidance, as you have. We then led Roger to a message where we told him he would remember who he was. Then we had him "stumble" upon a video entitled "The remembrance of I am."
Again we know relating to the past lives is challenging, so we will remain in this one. We led Roger to one of the messages where we spoke on the subject. But there are so many earlier than this one. But Roger stopped sharing that information as more began reading our words because he didn’t trust himself again.

Last night in conversation with his former roommate Roger recognized he was having difficulty remembering a movie his former roommate mentioned. When that occurs, Roger knows he is meant to see it now as the timing is right. We are throwing that it to alert more of you to the soul connections you have in your life to aid your evolvement. When the two of them meet more than three and a half years ago, it was apparent they were in each other’s lives to work through "issues" together. When that was accomplished, they would have a "conscious uncoupling." We love using that for so many made fun of that term when in actuality is one of the most evolved actions one might take.

Now they each must move on to creating what they wanted when each was born. And they, like each of you, resisted that and for further evidence of that, read our message on codependency. That is a label humans made up to attempt to explain their struggles to evolve. (

In the conversation, Roger said that he heard a video from Tania Gabrielle, whom we have mentioned, and Roger didn’t know if the words he heard from her were hers or ours? We told him there was no difference only that Roger did not trust his. At this time, each of you is having your remembrance of what you intended to accomplish in this lifetime. You can look at that now and know you could do more. You will, and you all will be fine.

We will leave the message to which we referred for your enjoyment, but more so for Roger’s remembrance.

April 9, 2009
"God never gives you more than you can handle." While you have heard this phrase, at times found comfort in it, and seen its truth from your past, it would be helpful for you to examine it in a new way. You are a part of and connected to God, Source, all that is, or whatever terminology allows you to grasp the meaning.

You then give to yourself or allow certain situations and events to appear, to provide you with the opportunity to accomplish something. That very "something" is always about remembering the true nature of your being. You have always done this, and you will always do so while you are in a physical body.

It was always your decision to do this before you came to the physical plane. When you accept this more completely, you simultaneously remember how indeed powerful you are.

No one has ever controlled you, but you have allowed yourself to be controlled

No one has ever controlled you, but you have allowed yourself to be controlled

October 16, 2020
No one has ever controlled you, but you have allowed yourself to be controlled. We speaking to each of you for your purpose and intention in living a physical life experience was so you might experience that dominion over things physical of which you were taught. Because you are an eternal being, you do not accomplish this all at once. We know the references to other lives may be challenging, so we will throw Roger under the bus to aid you. We wanted to lighten the mood; otherwise, we might never deliver the message.

We keep going on about your world’s current restructuring because it is why you personally wanted to be here to aid your evolvement. You each are doing for that for your reasons personally, and all of them are necessary and valid, and the part you have trouble with is, they are all correct and right for each of you. Without contrast, you would not come to know yourself or evolve.

We told Roger that he was to leave the pandemic issue to others to learn its purpose. We had Roger study centuries of history to understand that this is the process humanity uses to evolve. When you contemplate that sentence over the next few weeks, it will make sense. For Roger, he acknowledged all the things he’s used in this lifetime and others to hold himself back.

Last night just before midnight, he provided himself with a bit more freedom to be himself, for that is the restructuring each of you is doing. You can choose to blame others, the government, the pandemic, or other people for your current state of affairs, but that is not empowerment and not why you chose to live. Each of you will find that for yourselves, and now we can let Roger say, “now I will be successful.” His example will inspire you, and you will be fine.

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