Make it an adventure

September 28, 2016

Decide now to make it an adventure. This idea you can apply to anything you desire to do in your life. This merely requires a shift in your mental attitude before you begin.

When you think of an adventure you always approach it with an element of fun, excitement, and discovery. You are even aware that you may encounter some challenges; hold a bit of fear or trepidation, but that is also part of the excitement, and you never allow that to stop you.

Many times you will do precisely the opposite before you attempt anything, and you experience very different results. If you hold fear, worry, and anxiety, before you even begin, many times you will not. It all begins in your mental attitude and approach.


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Impostor syndrome

September 27, 2016

This is an important message for you and one that you would do well to study closely. You recently became intrigued by the discovery and talk of the imposter syndrome. You have heard many people you believed to be leaders speaking of experiencing this particular malady.

Then you felt as if you suffered from it as well. It means quite simply that you fear you will be discovered to be not enough to be who you are. Read that last sentence again. In other words, you only experience and subsequently suffer from the imposter syndrome when you are attempting to be someone else.

So now the eureka moment for you is to finally recognize that you are enough, and when you own that there is no experience of that syndrome.


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Yes you can

September 26, 2016

Yes you can. Please decide now to use those three words as your personal mantra moving forward in your life. It will help you to remember that whenever any obstacle or challenge shows up in your life, it also brings with it the solution.

Now you have experienced this many times in your life, but because when those moments occur they happen so naturally, you even forget what you had done or accomplished.

You had a previously planned event for which you held certain expectations. When the conditions that did present themselves were not what you had imagined, you had to in that moment find an alternative in order that you would not experience what would have seemed to you as a perceived failure. You then found an alternative which caused the entire event to be your most successful, and turn out better than even you own expectations.

When you remember, yes you can, that will always be the result.


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