Nothing is complete, especially you!

Nothing is complete, especially you!

March 6, 2021
Nothing is complete, especially you! We wanted Roger to use precise words, for we wish each person to know we are speaking to you directly. You are moving through a massive restructuring, as we have said, and we also said you had done it many times before, but that is the challenge most have difficulty accepting, even Roger.

Yesterday in a conversation with a friend, they told Roger everything under the sun had been created, or something of that nature, for that is what many of you believe, unfortunately, and you think it about yourselves, just as Roger has done. We will give you a remarkable story that will help your understanding.

Two days ago, we mentioned in an off-handed way the idea of empaths and narcissists. You all possess the qualities of both, but you choose to express them at particular times in your evolutionary journey. When you do, it coincides with the evolutionary journey of your world.

Roger subsequently discovered a video on the subject, which Roger also knew he had ignored for a significant portion of his life. In fact, he has ignored it for the greater part of his existence which extends beyond what you can witness now, as it is with each of you. Roger knows he was led to the quote, "An unexamined life is not worth living," for a reason, and it is unfolding more now.

The same friend sent Roger an article yesterday warning about the dangers of using the personality test we suggested last week. Roger knew we told him it would facilitate what he was creating in his online program, and when he followed us, his results were what we said precisely. The article was warning about how some of these tools might be used. Roger knew our intent was to allow individuals to stimulate their curiosity to discover more of themselves.

Every tool that humans have at their disposal will produce the results of their intent, which is why we have a process in Roger’s program on intention. This wonderful incident with his friend allowed us to give Roger other information that will make sense to many of you.

Some time ago, you developed, we mean humans, the ability to analyze your DNA and find connections to your ancestors. There was an unforeseen consequence to this, which we find more dangerous than the personality test. There was a television Roger, and many of you watched entitled "Finding Your Roots." The show would feature celebrities typically, who would discover connections to very famous people of your history. What many of you did is form a subtle belief that maybe you weren’t enough if you couldn’t find those ties. Well, you all do have them, but they are energic ties to your soul family.

When Roger discovered his "odd" connection to Wallace Wattles, we led him to a video mediation from Wattles last night, who also mentioned Goethe, with whom Roger also found a link. These discoveries helped Roger own more of his path as every teacher you encounter in your life is designed to do for you.

Then we told you once you accepted who you were, you would be wildly successful, and Roger can see this in his life. As difficult as that prospect was and is for Roger, he decided to do that. His client yesterday and days before kept saying, "you are a wonderful teacher." As Roger sat down this morning to begin our session, he noticed alerts on his phone, and they were from the same client purchasing more sessions because they know the value Roger might offer. Now only Roger must accept that as you will accept more of yourself due to this restructuring, and you will be fine.

We gave you this four years ago, and it will make more sense today.

The science of getting rich

The science of getting rich

March 5, 2021
The science of getting rich. We are using that title for two reasons. The first is we know it will cause more to read our words, and surprisingly, they may find more value than they imagined. The second reason is it ties together much of Roger’s life to help you to understand and accept yours.

Roger is struggling with what he believes might be the length of this message, and we told him to get over it, for that is also part of his restructuring as it may be for you. Many have yet to own their rightful place in the world, so feeling you may be infringing on others is challenging.

Yesterday Roger had more of his intuitive consultations, which have proven to be the most exciting thing he has done, and there was no money involved. We needed to make that point given the title of this message. At the end of the day, Roger had a meeting with a new contact who was to offer Roger advice on being selected to do a TEDx talk. The person asked Roger if he was exhausted after such a long day, and Roger said no because it didn’t feel like work to him. Roger felt in his rightful place there.

As the evening ended, Roger found himself in a familiar and uncomfortable situation that caused his level of anger to increase continually. Roger is quite aware that his anger is typically directed at himself, and the purpose is to force him to awaken. Roger also knows if he attempts to place the cause of that anger upon another, he misses the opportunity provided him to evolve. Every situation you experience is only for that purpose, but it may take you years, decades, or eons to figure that out, but now we will help.

We also told Roger he could have called this message, "the mysteries of your life are always revealed." If you remember yesterday’s message, we referred to empaths and narcissists and said enough on that because we knew today it would make more sense.

As Roger could not mitigate his anger and the uncomfortable feeling in his body, he went to bed to listen to videos to help him sleep. He did not sleep. Magically a video came up, which was uploaded two days ago. It was on Wallace Wattles and his talks on his "Personal Power Book." Now things began to make sense for Roger.

We have often referred to the folder Roger found, which he could not explain, titled August 2005. The dream in that folder was one Roger continually denied but also knew it held a more significant meaning. The year before, Roger began listening to Wallace’s audiobook entitled "The Science of Getting Rich." Roger didn’t quite understand it, but all the information resonated with him and made sense on a level he didn’t understand.

While the dates were fuzzy to Roger, we will provide more context. Roger rented a condominium in 2006 that was the most glorious place he had lived and offered everything he desired. It had a magnificent view of a park in front of his apartment with no obstruction. It was the most peaceful experience. Later, Roger decided to visit the park after he moved in and discovered it was Wallace Wattles Park.

While we know many believe you are moving through your lives accidentally, Roger does not think that, even when it is difficult for him to acknowledge the same. Roger then went to Wattles’s Wikipedia page and found he studied Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Ralph Emerson’s writings. Now Roger’s affinity for Emerson made sense.

As Roger listened to the recording of Personal Power, he was struck by the similarities to his program, "Empowerment Made Simple." We then said, "of course!" They are a part of your soul family, and eventually, you come to understand this. Then we told Roger and now you that he has created obstacles in his life that prevent him from progressing, and we often said they were distractions, and you can find many of our writings on the topic.

Roger also saw similarities in the progression of his life and that of Wallace. They both began writing more as they aged and put into practice the Science of Getting Rich principles, and the law always manifest the results.

Then we told Roger to follow up on yesterday’s theme and "randomly" search for a video, and he found the perfect one, and we will leave a link. But we will also leave a link to another video we had Roger hear when he came to his computer that ties this all together. You also might want to search our message on codependency for greater understanding.

We didn’t mean to turn this into a textbook, but this is for Roger’s edification, and some of you may be adventurous to follow it through, and your revelations will awaken as well.

You each are here to evolve, contribute and help the world become more, and there are no wrong ways, and every part is essential, including yours. No matter how long you have carried limiting behaviors, you can change them, and your antagonists help you. When you understand that, thanking them will accelerate your healing, and finally, you will be fine!

The year 1994 of Roger’s life now made sense due to this video, and some of you will find clarity here:
This video brings it together and explains why we say you will be fine, and further informs Roger’s life, and maybe yours:

The timing of your life is always perfect

The timing of your life is always perfect

March 4, 2021
The timing of your life is always perfect. We began with that title to stop Roger from doing what he and many of you do when you discover who you are and what you have withheld from the rest of the world. Yes, we are speaking of your current restructuring, and we will have this make sense.

Some time ago, we mentioned that Roger felt compelled one night to add the Discovery Channel. He needed to pay a subscription mainly to watch one show with Theresa Caputo, whom we have also mentioned. Roger did not know at the time why that occurred until yesterday. You each receive guidance, and sometimes we call them glimpses of who you are and what you desired to fulfill in this lifetime.

We told you that yesterday Roger had several consultations that felt "new" to him, so he also held trepidation. We told him what to do precisely, and this time Roger even decided to listen to us. We threw that in to make you each aware of how often you do not trust that "voice" inside you.

As Roger began the sessions, the very first person demonstrated what we told Roger would occur. They even made sense of something we had Roger study some time ago about the relationships of empaths and narcissists, which, if you haven’t noticed, is playing out in your world and the United States, as we also said previously. But enough on that.

When Roger came to another consultation where there were two people, Roger said something that caused the two people to become startled by Roger’s statement’s accuracy. It also surprised Roger, for he did not know what he said, and Roger didn’t have a memory of it, for he tapped into infinite intelligence, which you all can do.

Here’s the best part of the story. Roger recognized why he searched for that television show, and it was because he saw Theresa have the reaction he experienced, so it felt safer to him when he had that experience.

This long story was to say that each of you will awaken to some aspect of who you are that you have denied, but it shows up at the right time in your life, and the feeling of delight is one we would like you to accept rather than regret or believing you missed something. You did not, the timing was meant to be now, and you will be fine.

Once you accept yourself, you will be wildly successful

Once you accept yourself, you will be wildly successful

March 3, 2021
Once you accept yourself, you will be wildly successful. That sentence is true for every person, including you. We have an incredible story that will inform this message and possibly cause you to accept yourself more.

Last night Roger was questioning us, or what you might think of as "pondering," what he might do with the many new consultations he has today who are seeking intuitive readings. Roger knew that while he couldn’t operate differently, he had not announced it in this manner, so it was new for him. You all hold that slight hesitation when moving into something new.

This morning Roger came to his computer, and when he opened YouTube, his eyes gazed at a video, and Roger became transfixed. He knows that occurs when there is communication from us that we are advising him to do something. You each have this mechanism, but you may not have utilized it effectively, and Roger can attest to that as he had not always done so himself.

Now here is the best part of the story. As Roger watched the video, a range of emotions overtook him. He laughed, he cried, and felt tremendous exhilaration, all at once! The reason this occurred was Roger heard confirmation of who he was. Roger also knew we had just given him the answer to how he would work with his clients today.

Roger will listen to them and offer them confirmation of who they believe they might be because most of you, especially Roger, have judged yourselves as being somehow inadequate, ineffective, out of place, or any manner of ideas of concoctions we might throw out which are all erroneous. We got on a bit of tangent there, for this is essential.

You each are born to be entirely accepted and offer something magnificent to the world no matter what you may have felt before, but the restructuring is aiding you, and you will be fine.

Your self-doubt was purposeful

Your self-doubt was purposeful

March 2, 2021
Your self-doubt was purposeful. Roger knows we have often spoken on this subject, but we also told him not to find those messages now because it will be more fun for him to look after. It will also be more informative.

To get Roger to allow this message to come through, we had to keep telling him, and now you, "gained wisdom only turns to gold when shared." We told you how upset Roger was with us, for he believed we had given him inaccurate information about his webinar last Sunday until he discovered we had not.

Immediately after Roger posted yesterday’s message, he met a new client that further informed what he is up to in this lifetime. He received messages of appreciation that assured him his direction was correct, but that is the part that he and you always doubt. But then we said, as we have always said, "if you didn’t have doubt, you might not move to alleviate that uncomfortable feeling." Yes, we said it in a thousand different ways.

Sunday night, Roger decided he would examine what occurred and find the benefit he gained, which always exists in any situation if you are willing to see it. Roger has known his doubt existed about the program he was creating because it was new. We put in that sentence to make you aware of your trepidation when you think you are moving into new territory in your life.

Yesterday Roger said in an email to his nephew that he heard us tell him he would not give up this time. Roger was not aware of why he said it or why just then. Then during the day, Roger decided to complete another week of his program and thought he needed to shoot a new video to explain this information. The details will be fun. Roger showered and got ready to record the video, but before doing so, he looked through his files for a previously recorded video on the subject from four years ago. Roger watched that video and knew he did not need to record a new one as the information was always there, but he was willing to see it now, as you may not have seen what is within you.

The current global restructuring is allowing each of you to move beyond some limitation, and the greatest for most is self-doubt, but we will give you something Roger said Sunday, which he does not remember. He said, "you came here to develop self-confidence and courage only to discover you only needed to uncover it." You will be fine.

No matter how hard you try, you still have not failed

No matter how hard you try, you still have not failed

March 1, 2021
No matter how hard you try, you still have not failed. We wanted that precise title to capture a few more eyes, and now we will explain what we mean. You might also come to understand why so many of you find yourself yelling at God as Roger was tempted to do yesterday.

Yesterday Roger held his webinar, for which he also had a high expectation. We said there would be more in attendance, but there were fewer during the event, which is when Roger began yelling at us. Then we said, you know failure never occurs, and accidents never happen, so there must be more to this story by consequence.

Roger thought so many would attend as he hired a gentleman to help. After the event, Roger sent an email to this gentleman asking what might have gone wrong while, on the other hand, knowing nothing had gone wrong, and there was more for him to discover as you all are during this restructuring.

Roger is fully aware that he is moving through the limitations of his evolutionary journey with the full awareness that his actions affect all others, and he has always taken on that responsibility while at the same time retreating from what he felt "called" to do.

This morning Roger knew he was experiencing old emotions triggered by yesterday’s events, and we took him back more than thirty years. Roger had planned a show at a restaurant. Roger went to great expense for this show, including hiring musicians and paying for ads and flyers. Roger’s expectation was many would show up. Three people were there. Roger looked at them and decided he would do the best show of his life for these people because they showed up, and his most important goal was to fulfill his purpose and entertain them. Roger did that precisely, and it turned out to be the catalyst for other success in that arena.

The same thing occurred yesterday. We also told Roger, your expectations are always limited, and when we said more would be in attendance, they were, but it will take some time for them to manifest as it is with anything you plant and as it is with the restructuring of your world.

Later last night, Roger recognized as he did thirty years ago, he is committed to this new arena. When Roger began working on his program last night with his associate, he noticed what he had not done, and now due to the restructuring the event of yesterday caused him, Roger will commit to this new path, so again, there was no failure, and you will be fine.

Today is the day you choose to become more empowered

Today is the day you choose to become more empowered

February 28, 2021
Today is the day you choose to become more empowered. You have that opportunity every day of your life, but you do not always choose empowerment, and it may be for reasons unknown to you. We will provide a story from Roger that will inform this message.

Yesterday Roger participated in the launch of a new project where he gave a half-hour presentation on intuition, automatic writing, and channeling. When Roger began, he could see about 50 people on the call, and that’s pretty much all he remembers. As when he started to speak, we took over, and often when that occurs, Roger has no memory of what he said, for he too is "remembering" known information you all possess.

Because you each come into the world with different roles and agendas, you have difficulty recognizing your own. Roger is quite aware of this, which is why we say he struggles at times to allow the messages to come through, and then there are other times such as now when he must move beyond his anger. Roger also knows that every emotion you possess is valuable until you attempt not to own what you feel.

When Roger finished his presentation, he could see on the faces of those who were visible their raptured attention. After this glorious experience, Roger found himself repeating a pattern that caused that anger to emerge. Roger knew the cause, and he also recognizes the perfect timing of this in his life.

Roger has an event scheduled for today, and it will be attended by more than his previous events. It will be successful, and he will become more empowered due to his anger experience, which he will use in the webinar today.

Several days ago, we had Roger find a photo of himself and his family when he was twelve years old. Roger is holding his youngest brother, and he could see in that one photo the challenge he’s carried his entire life, but it is also one that will pay off today.

You each come into the world with contrast. You can think of contrast as opposite creations from which you might choose to find balance in your life. Roger saw his younger nurturing, loving side, as well as his vulnerability because of it, as he would nurture others before himself.

We will give you the conclusion tomorrow, but today we would like each of you to understand that you are uncovering limitations you’ve carried in this lifetime and others during this restructuring. It is not necessary for you to have specific memories but only to know you could not accomplish the goal you set for yourself in this life without contrast. Here is the line Roger will help you understand: all contrast is good, and you will be fine.

Stop pretending you don’t know what to do

Stop pretending you don’t know what to do

February 27, 2021
Stop pretending you don’t know what to do. We are using this message as a sort of reprimand to Roger, but you all will benefit. Yesterday we gave you a message that said you never needed to be more, meaning that everything you need to become whatever you desired to be was within you. The challenge you have with that statement is you immediately discount it or refuse it could be true about you.

Yesterday afternoon Roger had a consultation with a prospective client, and the minute they began, Roger intuitively knew why they were there. The excitement Roger experienced at that moment caused him to momentarily forget who he was and what his "job" was this time. Roger knew this individual was experiencing a great deal of fear as they felt themselves changing as many of you have, which we also said would occur during this restructuring. You all still hold some fear of uncertainty and the unknown. Roger knows this and has even written a book about it. What that individual sought, which you all do, is a mitigation of the fear you experience as you evolve. Roger knows this but did not do his job thoroughly, which we have said was to be love, and the only way you can do that is to be authentically you.

We ended there because what you all know how to do is embrace every aspect of yourself. You can do that when you become willing, and this restructuring is "pushing" you to do so, and you will be fine.

You never needed to be more, but you did want to evolve

You never needed to be more, but you did want to evolve

February 26, 2021
You never needed to be more, but you did want to evolve. You will love this message, and Roger would like to thank you for reading it, for it is also answering a question for him that you all hold. We will explain.

Roger has two events scheduled for this weekend. One that occurs tomorrow is one where he is to present information as a part of another organization, and the other is on Sunday, which is his hosted event. This morning Roger asked us what he should teach and how he could do so when these are two different events.
We said they are different events, but you are the same person, so teach what you know in each group. Roger then recognized how cleverly everything was arranged. Roger does not allow himself to think things are accidentally happening even when he is not sure how that may be occurring.

Roger sat with his mentor in a webinar yesterday that lasted more than seven hours. Roger recognized he heard information he heard more than a year ago. Still, now Roger is more willing to act on it as he knows it is part of his restructuring, and he is very clear even in this lifetime where he held himself back, so because of that, he also knows his "job" is to help others come to this realization.

All who are showing up to both events hold fear, doubt, and uncertainty about who they are and lack the confidence to achieve their goals. Who better than Roger to offer this information? Who is better than you to provide the information and wisdom you have gained in your life and aid in the evolution of your world than you?

The only person who ever doubted your ability was you

The only person who ever doubted your ability was you

February 25, 2021
The only person who ever doubted your ability was you. That statement is true for every soul, including you, but it is also what you wanted. If you did not doubt yourself or who you were in some manner, you would not be motivated to evolve, and that was the only reason you decided to be born. Yes, we know that concept is weird, but you could also choose to make it fun, as we will do now.

Late last night, Roger watched an episode of "American Idol," and Katy Perry commented to one of the potential contestants after her performance that reminded Roger of something we said. The contestant was fifteen years old and demonstrated extraordinary talent, so Katy said, "it’s obviously not your first time on this planet, but maybe this time you will fulfill your purpose." We had Roger record that part, for we said it some time ago, and each of you decided to be alive now to answer that question for yourself.

Roger received an email yesterday, which turned into an exchange that we told him to finish today. The person asked Roger how did he know the advice he was giving would work for everyone. Roger answered that email and felt a bit defensive, for he thought they might have doubted him. Then several more emails arrived, and the last one stated that this person felt Roger offered the best advice, but they only wanted to know how he knew.

You each will know what you have to offer the world, why you wanted to experience this restructuring when you answer the question from that person to Roger for yourself. You each have lived your life purpose, and when you acknowledge who you are, it will manifest. Then you will give up doubting yourself, and you will be fine.

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