This or something better

December 4, 2016

There is a school of thought that would tell you to not hold any expectations about anything you might do in your life. You also find that difficult to accomplish. Everything that you might attempt to do comes with some certain expectation or you would not even attempt to accomplish that.

Now the real goal then is to hold no attachment to your expectation. The reason that is helpful is because your expectations are always limited, and if you hold those in your thoughts and because your thoughts are powerful and creative, you limit what you might be able to manifest. Your expectations are limited because you find it difficult to imagine beyond what you know now.

So you do well now to decide to only hold the expectation for whatever you desire to do as “this or something better”.


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Becoming you

December 3, 2016

Becoming you is the goal, journey, and destination you have set for yourself in this lifetime. Now you may initially question why you would need to make an effort to become yourself, until you examine how much of your life you have spent denying certain aspects of who you are.

Becoming you means that you come to understand that every aspect of you has value and purpose, and as you discover and accept that you become more of yourself. You also come to understand that every experience you have had in your life, and especially the challenging and difficult ones have caused you to discover more of who you are and that always holds value.

As you then come to accept all of this about yourself, you will share it with others and that will inspire them to become more of
themselves, which is finally you becoming you.


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I desire change and liberation

December 2, 2016

This message will take you on a journey to liberation and you would do well to follow it closely. The current conditions of your life were allowed to be created by you because of the particular beliefs and ideas you held about yourself, the world in general, and the nature of reality.

As you come to an awareness that you desire to change these
conditions, you find it difficult because you have held them in place by your own resistance to change. You hold this resistance because you know this change will lead you into some unknown which you have also allowed to unknowingly become a fearful place for you.

So now all you need to do is become aware of your resistance to change, and begin to openly use the affirmation, “I desire change and liberation”.


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