When you stop ignoring yourself, you will be happy

When you stop ignoring yourself, you will be happy

May 9, 2021
When you stop ignoring yourself, you will be happy. We wanted to use a term that you each can interpret in ways you can feel, and happy is difficult to miss.

You are in a massive period of restructuring, and you wanted to live through this time to accelerate your evolution. How you accomplish this is to make choices. When you make choices that feel the best to you, the result is an experience of happiness. When you make a different choice, you encounter all manner of challenges, not as a means of punishment, but further guidance to help you get back on the path you set for yourself.

Yesterday a friend asked Roger why he kept saying he knew what he was meant to do in this life, and he couldn’t answer why he knew, but he did know that he knew, just as you did, and this period of your life is bringing your desire forth for you now. But for you to get to happy, it will require new choices, and that utilizes change, and depending on how you view change, that prospect may be challenging.

During a session yesterday with his group, Roger had an excellent encounter with someone he just met but saw her potential and the probable reality in her future. He also told her that he understands she had difficulty accepting the path she believes she should follow, and Roger said that is why he was there, and that is why he listens to his coaches and mentors as we all could utilize help. The entire experience was a happy one for Roger.

Later in the day, he sent a mailing to his list. He offered an apology for his websites being interrupted and, as a manner of making amends, offered a discounted rate to his clients for a limited time. While the results are not known, we will say they will be different than he thought because he is being led to happy.

You each might have particular ways of avoiding change, and Roger has long known his have been financial challenges, for then he is moved to do something as you might have. And that something is always the thing that causes happiness to emerge. Please contemplate this as we will deliver the results tomorrow, and you will be fine.

Value yourself more

Value yourself more

May 8, 2021
Value yourself more. We are speaking to every person, for that was the mission of anyone who decided to be born. You intended to become more, and in even a very mundane way, you can notice the value you might have gained simply by living your lives, but at times you are the ones who do not recognize what you have accomplished.

You are moving through a massive restructuring to provide you with the opportunity to value yourself more. Many of you can recognize the tremendous urge you have felt over more than the last year to become more in some way.
We will use the idea of money for it is the perfect topic for today as Roger has a webinar later entitled "How can I earn more money," so of course, we gave him two incidents to illustrate the point. Not all of you will use money as the measuring stick for your worth, as you may use some other form, but you do use something.

Yesterday Roger received an email from someone asking for a refund for a subscription they forgot to cancel. What was evident to Roger was first the fact that the amount he charged for this product was undervalued, to begin with, but Roger was the one who set that up. So the way he can earn more money is to stop setting his standards so low. The same is true for you in the area of your life where you have undervalued yourself.

Another incident was discovering another taking advantage of a privilege Roger had granted them, which had a monetary cost. Hence, the way Roger can earn more money in this instance is not to give away those privileges.

You each have issues of worth, as you may think of them, but you were meant to have them. We will leave you with the question you are being asked during this restructuring, and you will answer it in a manner that will not only cause you to value yourself more but also all those who came before you and those who will come after. If you don’t value yourself more, how could you expect that from others?

Your self-doubt is always unnecessary and necessary

Your self-doubt is always unnecessary and necessary

May 7, 2021
Your self-doubt is always unnecessary and necessary. We hope that the confusing title caused more of you to open this message, for you will now understand your confusing life.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring, but it is also a continuation of your eternal life. You have sought to understand your uniqueness in this world, and this message will help you.

We will weave a story together that will help you decipher what you desired to accomplish in this lifetime. More than four years ago, Roger met his former roommate, and that in and of itself was a jolt to the system, for Roger never wanted a roommate and did not understand why he would ever agree to such a situation.

As the years progressed, so did the judgment and criticism Roger received from everyone around him, including his family and close friends. Even Roger did not understand why he would do this. Still, both he and the roommate did maintain the conscious awareness that their coming together was meant to enable them both to move through their individual limitations. You are doing that as well; otherwise, there would have been no purpose for your birth.

Several months ago, Roger’s friend decided he would add comedy to his performing talents, and Roger again did not understand this. Still, he also recognized he might be assuming the role your parents might have played in your life where they held a lack of belief in you.

Leading up to the friend’s performance last night, Roger agreed to listen to the material and offer suggestions. A part of Roger did not want to attend the show last night, for he did not want to watch someone bomb on stage for that is uncomfortable for him.

The nervousness his friend expressed was palpable, and then it all changed. When his friend came out of the restroom finally and took the stage, he also took a new direction. He began with something that occurred just before he went on and then continued with the original material to the audience’s delight and shock to Roger. The surprise to Roger was in recognizing his lack of belief in his friend just as he had held it about himself, as you might have done.

Each of you has held doubt about things you believed about yourself or your world. That was purposeful, for when you uncover the doubt was unwarranted, you then begin to own and trust yourself more. And then you also come to understand why the self-doubt was necessary for now, your recognition that your instincts were correct, fuel your continued journey through your restructuring, and you will be fine.

Acceptance is all that is required

Acceptance is all that is required

May 6, 2021
Acceptance is all that is required. You were born with specific jobs to fulfill that would enable you and your world to evolve. You do not know what those roles might be when you are born, and they continually unfold throughout your lives.

You hold an intuitive ability that will alert you to all you are meant to do by how you feel. When you feel a bit lost or out of place, it is an indication that you are brushing the meaningless things in your life away so you might step into who you wanted to become.

You are moving through a massive restructuring, and some of you are feeling this more than others; and due to this, we will take a new approach and speak to two people directly, but it will aid you all.

We will not use names but initials of those who contacted us through Roger. We will speak to D first. You have held a sensitivity in your life that you have judged as a weakness. It is, in fact, your strength that was only meant to be realized fully by you now.

And T, you have felt entirely out of place in your life and family, which was intentional. You were the one placed there to make a difference, and feeling a bit out of place caused you to recognize your importance which you desired to accept, so you reached out to us for confirmation, which we are providing now as we are to D, who will love themself more now.

We have now answered them directly and you all, and you helped Roger move through another phase of his restructuring as we will help you, and you all will be fine.

Imagine your new world and create that

Imagine your new world and create that

May 5, 2021
Imagine your new world and create that. We wanted to use those precise words, for again, we would like each of you to recognize the responsibility you accepted to be alive now to help the world move through this restructuring.

We also know that many of you find it challenging to believe that you could possibly possess that much ability, yet you do. Still, in each lifetime, you uncover more, and that is what you are doing now, and every experience you have helps you achieve your goal.

Today Roger has a group chat about how to stop self-defeating behaviors, and he wanted us to give him the information, and that is what we are providing in this message. You attempt to defeat yourself due to many factors, and some of them unknown to you in this life.

As you examine your world today, you easily see the massive changes occurring and are happening within you to release some limitation you have held, which was also held in the world. Your limitations are always known to you, but it may require time for you to reprogram them, and that is why you were born.

We will leave with one story that will aid you all. Yesterday during a group meeting with associates, one person commented to Roger, which he interpreted as a judgment even though it may not have been intended in that manner. Roger felt the emotional weight of that experience. He decided to embrace it, for he knew it was an old limited belief he has carried, which makes him sensitive to any form of judgment or criticism.

That last paragraph carries the key for you all, and when you become willing to see your life in a new way, so will the world, and then you will have fulfilled your life mission, and you will be fine.

There is no secret to success

There is no secret to success

May 4, 2021
There is no secret to success. We wanted Roger to use that title, for we knew it would cause a lot of curiosity. Still, in some, it may have invoked a bit of disappointment because you have thought there was this big secret, and if only you could uncover it, your life would be exemplary.

You have uncovered it, and there is no secret because all that actually occurs is a letting go of your resistance. Every soul has this experience which is why you were born. We will give you a story to have this make sense.

Last night Roger found himself in a seminar about money which he was referred to by fellow coaches. As he listened, he heard elements of us. We mean that we gave Roger a process about your money energy, which was similar to what he was hearing, and that is the entire point.

You each are born with what you are to achieve, but you do not move ahead with your plan until you receive confirmation or validation from others. Roger is very aware that he does this for his clients, and then he finds it from his teachers as you are all meant to do. If you remember, we told you some time ago that one of your biggest challenges has arisen because you mistake your teachers for your leaders. You are always ultimately the leader in your life.

Then we led Roger this morning to a video from Eckhart Tolle, whom we have mentioned before because Eckhart’s talks are similar to Roger’s, or ours. Some of you understand that.

The bottom line is you have success built into your personal DNA, which is why we brought it up last week. No one is exempt from this, but you can continue to believe you are and not attain the success you sought. The real secret to success is becoming yourself, which may require time to reprogram your limited thinking.

You always come to understand everything in hindsight when you can look back, but we’ll give you something now that will encourage more of you. Roger discovered that the program we have given him that he began years ago contains all the elements one might need to release their resistance and become successful.

Now you know what Roger wanted to achieve during this restructuring, and now you only need to answer that question for yourself, and you will be fine.

Your greatness always awaits your recognition

Your greatness always awaits your recognition

May 3, 2021
Your greatness always awaits your recognition. Yes, we are speaking to you, and you will come up with your interpretation of the word greatness but what we mean by it is whatever causes you to feel a sensation of wholeness and empowerment.

We know that not all accept the idea you have lived many lives. Still, make the slightest attempt to entertain the idea. It could give you the much sought-after explanations for why you have had difficulty moving through challenges in your life or why at times, you feel you are being punished for something you can’t remember.

Nevertheless, you can clearly see the restructuring occurring in your world, so it is happening within you. If you slightly study your history, you will notice dramatic changes that untimely ended up in improvements, but the road there was typically paved by challenges. That is how your life proceeded until you came to this point in time.

Now you each will be asked what you desire to create now. The wisest way you can decide to do this is by doing the thing in front of you that is yet to be completed, for that is why you wanted to be alive now.

Yesterday Roger was faced with the question we would like you each to answer, and that is what do I want to do now? The reason your personal greatness has not manifested before now is in the title of this message. You each have greatness within you, but it can only be recognized by you, and that requires your acceptance. If you do what you love, you will achieve your goal in this life, and you will be fine.

You will create your reality by what you choose to believe

You will create your reality by what you choose to believe

May 2, 2021
You will create your reality by what you choose to believe. Of course, you have done this your entire life, but this current restructuring provides you with the opportunity to do it more consciously, and yes, we will explain.

Last night Roger was with his former roommate, who had previously pointed out something that escapes many. As you change and spiritually evolve, every aspect of you is involved, including your physical body. You may experience all manner of physical symptoms. Roger felt a pain in his side, and other areas he knew were connected to his resistance to moving forward in his life. Many of you might experience this now. It is not foreign to any of you the connections that have been made through scientific study of the impact your emotions have on your body. And the onset of illness or disease, much of which is born out of resistance to evolving.

We will not make this long, but we told him to look for a message on growing pains, for that is what you and your world are experiencing now. We gave you the title we did to alert you to the fact that you have free will to create the reality or the world you want now by what you choose to believe is possible within you and the world.

We will leave the message so you also recognize we have always given you the information you needed, but it may take time to understand and accept it.

June 13, 2014
You do indeed experience what might be considered growing pains. Now, these are not of a physical nature as you may have thought, but they are of a spiritual nature. Growing pains is merely a metaphor, meaning that you become uncomfortable, slightly disoriented, and feeling a bit out of sorts, as it were. This is because you are gaining more wisdom, knowledge, awareness and coming to know and own who you truly are, and that moves you into unknown territory.

The entire process is helpful, though, because if you did not have those growing pains, you would not know you had accomplished anything at all. You noticed yesterday that you perceived what might be a negative comment about you and noticed it had absolutely no effect.

Even that experience was new, uncomfortable in a sense, and a great reason for having growing pains.

There is a way to achieve lasting happiness

There is a way to achieve lasting happiness

May 1, 2021
There is a way to achieve lasting happiness. That sentence is true for every person, and we will give you some tips to help you understand this and decide to become happy.

It took quite a while and coaxing to get Roger to write this message, and we even had him go to several videos from Kryron for encouragement. That is the same encouragement we are providing here.

Each of you was born to evolve in a way that would cause you to be happy. Your personal DNA, which we referred to earlier, always tells you if you are headed in the direction you intended in this lifetime. When you resist that, you then receive the wonderful results of depression, lack, and sadness. We used those descriptions that you may judge as negative, but they are actually your gifs. When you experience any of them, they are guiding you back on track.

Here’s the story to have this make sense, and each of you will find your place in this because you decided to be alive during this restructuring to activate your path to happiness.

Roger had several intuitive readings that were the most enjoyable things he has done and provided him with the most incredible experience of happiness. Then he questioned if he should speak of this more or what others might think of this gift he has that he has hidden for eons.

You have done that, and if you decide to stop ignoring that next step in your life you know you want to take, you will create lasting happiness and not the temporary ones you have experienced so far. You will be fine.

You were not meant to discover who you were until now

You were not meant to discover who you were until now

April 30, 2021
You were not meant to discover who you were until now. We have given this message several times with different words but always with the same intent. Many of you, especially those who find themselves attracted to our words, have operated their lives with a bit of doubt. We should say a lot of doubt, but that was because you underestimated the value, power, and importance of trust.

When you do not receive confirmation of what you believed you heard about who you are, you begin to develop doubt. We used that term intentionally, for if you did indeed develop doubt, then you can develop trust as well.

We will give you one story to bolster your belief. You each will find some outside source to help you believe in yourself. You went to church for that reason, or you studied courses, read our words, books, or watch videos. When you find something that "hits" you, you become more willing to believe in yourself, and you will also pass that on to others which was another reason for your birth.

We have mentioned that you each have soul families that provide you a sense of comfort, and typically they are beyond your family and friends. We have also mentioned Kryon, whom Roger has listened to and found familiarity, for he found little difference in our content, but the delivery was different as it is meant to be for all. In the video, Kryon mentioned they began receiving information or arrived as they refer to it, at the same time as Roger. Then they said a specific date, and we told Roger to find our message for that date and post it here.

What will occur now is that even though this message was not given to you at that time, you will read it now and know why you are discovering yourself now, why you wanted to live through this restructuring, and know you will be fine.

December 21, 2012
Wait, is an action word that, when you use it, you will instill the idea of patience into your physical life experience. When you find patience, you begin to manifest very different results in your life.

When you operate with impatience, you are actually working against yourself, so to speak, for you are affirming that something you desire is not here, has not been made manifest, and more importantly, that you do not have it. Those thoughts will create that reality in your personal experience.

You will know when you are using the energy of the word wait, for you will also experience greater peace.

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