You may release your struggle today

June 20, 2024

You may release your struggle today. When you view the message we provided two years ago and a live conversation we held the next day, you will be more willing to embrace your new self.

June 20, 2022

Your struggle is self-imposed. Please take the time to accept the wisdom of this message, and it is also in preparation for our live conversation tomorrow.

Anything you think is a struggle in your life is of a physical or material nature, and you are an eternal spiritual being. Any judgment or regret arising while you accept this information will be counterproductive to your evolvement or expansion.

Everything we gave you in 2012 was to prepare you for this moment. We knew some of you would become fearful and uncomfortable with the uncertainty, but that is because you have momentarily forgotten who you are.

You came into the physical world with built-in limitations and restrictions, which were a part of your evolutionary journey and will not look like that of another. You intended to move through your blockages so you might evolve, add your essence to the collective, and cause a shift in your world.

You exist now because you wanted to experience this restructuring, for it would allow you to encounter the limitations you have carried in this lifetime and those in your lineage who have come before. That is why we said you took on a big job. If you accomplish your goal, the world you desire to see will manifest.

Tomorrow, there will be another galactic transition in your world filled with potent energy that you can direct in any manner you choose, and your choice will affect your world.

– Wilhelm

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