You will see more today

June 18, 2024

You will see more today. We have given you another ascension gift today. And we have asked our messenger to hold presentations this week so you might better understand what we and you have been up to.

June 18, 2008

Your ability to see the thing that you desire as already made manifest, transcends the strangle hold you’ve placed on that very desire by your belief in linear time.

Your “seeing” allows you to summon forth all the forces in the Universe to assist you in that very accomplishment.

It allows you to maintain your focused thought and attention and at the same time experience the joy of your very own success.

Your decision to do anything sets this process in place, and your indecision halts it.

It would behoove you to spend a great deal of your time in this practice, and along the way you will notice your previously held fears fall away.

Nothing is better than that.

June 18, 2009

Money holds no intrinsic value except that which you give it.

Each and every soul will use it in their own individual way. You have decided, on this life journey, that it could serve as a measure, of sorts, of your very own connectedness to all that is, or Source. You began learning this belief from a very young age, and carried it forth into a more mature stage of your life experience. You also possess the ability to change that value at any time you choose, however, you may continue on your current path, and use it to your benefit.

The greater the amount you acquire, you may decide it gives you guideposts, so to speak, of your very own connectedness, again, to Source, or all that is.

If you make it a game, as it were, that you play, you will enjoy the experience much more.

June 18, 2010

The only reason you would not achieve what you desire, have what you want, or do what you enjoy is because you do not think you can. In other words, all origination begins in thought, therefore when you find it difficult for you to even hold the thought of all those things you wish to accomplish, you can rest assured that will indeed be the case for you.

Your intention is always to develop, utilize, and practice your creating skills. This is what leads you to the expansion you seek and a fulfilling life. Simply take one area, decide what it is that you desire and hold that thought. The ultimate outcome of that desire which is for your highest good is always made manifest.

June 18, 2011

Your feeling of restlessness is always an indication of your unwillingness to take control of your very own physical life experience. It is sort of like a warning signal that in some manner you have given that very control to something outside yourself. You will find yourself continually seeking the opinion or approval of others before you make the decisions and take the actions that will guide and direct your experience.

This is not something that is hidden deep within the walls of your subconscious, but merely something that you have been willing to see and acknowledge. As you decide to allow that information to come forth, that is precisely what will occur. You are always the captain of your ship.

June 18, 2012

Later, is when you experience your expansion. In other words, all events, situations, and circumstances of your physical life experience hold kernels of greater wisdom and knowledge, so to speak; and you become aware of them typically when they have passed. This later period is necessary; for you would not have the perspective to know what you have gained without this sequence of events or operation of linear time.

When you hold the idea in your moment of now that this later experience always occurs, it can ease any difficult or challenging period you may have. Later always reveals everything.

June 18, 2013

Forgiveness is always an inside job; meaning that it is most effective when you decide to give it to yourself. Anything that occurs in your physical life experience where you think you need to forgive another, is actually your current limited awareness and lack of understanding. No one ever does anything “wrong” to you, but they all offer you something for you to gain.

Whatever the situation, incident, or occurrence was, it had meaning and value for you, but you just had not yet come to understand it. When you then grant that forgiveness to yourself, any animosity is released and you allow your awareness to gain that wisdom and knowledge.

You always know when this has occurred because you experience peace, and your actions and thoughts return to your loving benevolent nature.

June 18, 2014

You struggle with getting things done because you are focused on some anticipated outcome rather than the process itself. You always intended to consciously live in your moment of now, and you can only experience the process in that moment of now.

You would do well to change your mind and decide that you will find your joy and happiness while you are in that process or moment of now. When you take the time to think about it, you know that you desire to create something, and you desire that something to be of value. This occurs when your focus is on what you are creating while you are in the process and in your moment of now.

While that may sound redundant, it is precisely what you need embody. Have fun in your now process.

June 18, 2015

Living in a state of being where you hold no expectations about anything is the most preferable to living a happy existence because you are then affirming that you know whatever occurs is for your highest good. Living in that manner however, is also difficult for you to do on a consistent basis.

An example is, you have an impending event that could go one way or another, and one you would consider to be good for you, and the other you would consider to be bad for you. Now since you do not know the outcome, you spend your time with the expectation that the bad one will show up. It is important that you pay attention to this for you are now noticing what could be referred to as your habit of expectation.

Again, holding no expectation feels better, but when that is not possible attempt to hold the “good” one.

June 18, 2016

Attempting to please everyone is an impossible goal and never one that you intended. It is one that you have held and it has caused you great difficulty.

First of all the goal is impossible because you each maintain your own individual ego. That ego is sort of a defense you have built up to protect yourself from anything you fear might destroy your safety. Everyone does this so if you threaten the safety of another their ego will then take over and you end up not pleasing them or yourself.

Any effective change that you desire to make will come from living and coming to know your own truth. This allows you to receive new information and expand, because you have not invited your ego to defend you. Take time to study this one.

June 18, 2017

Knowing what to do next in your life so that you might achieve your life goal, can be far more frightening for you than pretending you are lost and do not know. If that felt a bit harsh, it was intentional.

When you acknowledge that this is the place in your life where you currently sit, it can be helpful as well as be empowering for you. You know that the future you desire is completely in your hands, you have eliminated any excuse you held, and as you decide to take that next step and move in the direction that you know you desire to go, you will experience your innate power and ability.

If you had made it too easy, you would not have known you accomplished anything at all. Now it is up to you.

June 18, 2018

When you stop believing in accidents, you will have more access to your innate power and the ability to create your life in a manner you desire. You will accomplish this when you believe in perfect timing.

Please relate your story with details as it will not only deepen your understanding but that of all others. Some time ago it was suggested that you meet a person another thought would be beneficial for your life. You made some effort, but not insistent as you felt that if it were right, it would occur. Then yesterday seemingly arbitrary events happened that facilitated the meeting.

You still cannot find a reason for the occurrence of those events, but you knew the meeting itself was right, and now you know perfect timing. Impatience was never necessary. 

June 18, 2019

The type of validation you are seeking will not be found. You began hearing that sentence this morning, and at the same time felt a sense of disappointment and fear. We, however, found it to be amusing that this seems to you to be a new revelation, as you have been attempting to do this your entire life. 

Let us now yell at you, and all others. Give that up! The fun part of this message will be how we turn it from dread to freedom. When you finally give up the need to find any form of validation you might receive from the outside world that would tell you who you are, you will be free and finally have the real validation you wanted.

You’re welcome.

June 18, 2020

Please open your eyes. We went to extraordinary lengths to bring you this message, and we began last night as we want you to understand the complexity we wanted Roger to figure out so it would be more impactful for more of you.

Also, we know that many of you find value in our words, but today someone is reading this message who felt they “needed” to hear this, so please know you are acknowledged. You might notify Roger, as confirmation of our words is always helpful, as most of you know it helps spur you on. Still, part of the importance of this message and what we are saying to you is Roger no longer requires that confirmation, and those are the words you wanted to hear as you aspire to achieve that state of being. 

Yesterday Roger had the carpets cleaned in his home, and while the worker was there, furniture was moved to make it easier. Roger sat on the sofa and flipped on the television. He wanted to change the channel and the volume, and neither were working. Roger thought maybe the batteries had died. He replaced them in one remote, and that didn’t make a difference. Then Roger changed the batteries in the other remote as he thought maybe the other was broken. Then Roger looked up and saw an art piece strategically placed in front of the sensor for the television, so the signal was blocked. Of course, it wouldn’t work. 

Your signals have been blocked, and once you trust yourself, you will see clearly. Roger felt as some of you also do now that his time has finally come. That state of being is true for each of you if you decide to believe it. We are saying this as you are needed now, and again please remember, we mean you individually and your world as a whole. Those of you who needed this message heard that. 

June 18, 2021

The more of yourself you reveal, the more helpful you become to the world. That sentence is true for every soul, and it is the main message we have given Roger to follow in this lifetime, and we will continue that practice.

The most revealing part of this message will be the fact that we instructed Roger to examine our earliest works because he can now see what we told him more than thirty years ago is making sense now. We are placing that sentence there because each of you holds a memory of guidance, intuition, or what may have even felt to be a compulsion that will begin to make sense for you now due to this restructuring you desired to experience.

We had Roger find one message in particular, and we will place excerpts here to clarify his life experience of last night, which we told him about back then.

We love that clever line which you all will come to understand, and you will be fine. 

February 9, 1989

The kind of pace you are currently maintaining may have its downside if you’re not paying attention. From your conversation last night, you did notice how the idea of focusing stood out for you. It would be wise to investigate this avenue. In doing so, you will also become more clear of the areas in which you still maintain an over sense of responsibility to others in your experience.

Creating your life does not have to mean that you exclude others, but that you include them in ways that are beneficial to all, especially yourself. Your little incident with Michael the other evening should have also pointed out to you the over-emphasis you place on others merely in arranging your day, which could be seen as arranging and creating your life. You wanted to experience the benevolence of your being in this lifetime, but also how to balance your conflicting ideas on this subject. As said to you earlier, preserve and deserve.

A note from today. Roger was unnerved as he typed those words due to the accuracy they conveyed. You might be shocked when you discover your guidance was accurate and awaiting your acceptance and understanding. 

June 18, 2022

The importance of your life. You are alive now because you wanted to evolve and become more. You have always desired to live a life of happiness, abundance, and love. You wanted to experience the importance and significance you held within you, and that is why you chose a period where your world would be restructuring.

Every experience and circumstance you have had was meant to bring you to this moment in your life and world. You wanted to move through every limitation and restriction you have placed upon yourself. When you accomplish your goal, you also change your world.

Your world has shifted into a new trajectory, and the energies have accelerated, and change will occur, but you must decide how you will contribute to your life and that of your world, for they are the same.

The work we gave you in 2012 was for guidance. We called it Your Life Operating Instructions because you and your life are unique, and that is what you intended to embody, for if you do so, you are offering the energy of love. If you deny who you are and what you want to achieve, you deprive yourself of the magnificent life you might have, and the world will not be the one you desired.

None of you know who you will become when you are born, which is why you have guardians, such as your parents, to provide direction. Then you attend school for even more, and many of you have coaches, mentors, and courses you use to gain clarity.

But you also develop the wisdom and knowledge you are meant to give others, for that is the process of evolution.

You will find it challenging to accomplish your goal unless you release your self-limiting ideas and beliefs, which is why you and your world wanted restructuring.

The other day we had Roger record a video that none of you have seen because he too had difficulty accepting his importance which is why he is the best guide for many of you. We will leave the recording, and please listen when you have time, for it is twenty-four minutes long.

As you absorb what you hear, you will have more peace and understanding, which is always our intention for the next few months in your world might seem confusing.

Still, we know if you let go of your resistance to embracing every aspect of yourself, you will experience a magnificent life and world. You will be fine.

June 18, 2023

You have always known. You come to the physical plane with a blueprint within you for your evolvement, so you might also contribute the experience of your life to aid the evolution of all that is. No soul is left out of this equation, and you come to understand and accept your importance when it serves your journey and that of your world.

We have said you are moving through a restructuring of yourself and the world, and what you have known about yourself has been in your subconscious, and raising your consciousness has those ideas emerge. You are the one who then takes hold of it and decides to create the life you want, and when you connect to that authentic part of you, you connect to Source, God, all that is, or the deity you know as being more than yourself.

We have guided you on specific days, and we did so on this date ten years ago, so you might accept what we will give you later today in our live conversation. 

June 18, 2013

Forgiveness is always an inside job, meaning it is most effective when you decide to give it to yourself.

Anything that occurs in your physical life experience where you think you need to forgive another is actually your current limited awareness and lack of understanding. No one ever does anything “wrong” to you, but they all offer you something for you to gain.

Whatever the situation, incident, or occurrence was, it had meaning and value for you, but you had not yet understood it. When you grant that forgiveness to yourself, any animosity is released, and you allow your awareness to gain that wisdom and knowledge.

You always know when this has occurred because you experience peace, and your actions and thoughts return to your loving, benevolent nature.


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