Yes, you are that powerful

June 13, 2024

Yes, you are that powerful. Four years ago, we sent you a message asking if you believed you were powerful, and we even answered the question for you.

But we went further today, and we will repeat that message along with a conversation we had our messenger record today. All of it will be meaningful today.

June 13, 2020

Could I be that powerful? That is the fundamental question each of you carries throughout your lifetimes. Now the next question we will ask is, are you curious enough to find out? Last night Roger and his roommate returned home, and upon entering his home, Roger remarked, “I’m hot.” At that instant, the air conditioning came on. The look of shock appeared on both their faces. The incident passed, but we did not let it leave Roger’s consciousness. We did that because this concept is an important one for you to consider, especially during this current time in your world, and your life personally. You each are questioning the amount of power you hold. 

Recently, Roger noticed his irritation when receiving information from others who believe a grand conspiracy is occurring, of which none of you are aware. Now that line of thinking, as well as its reasoning, is in opposition to our mission, and the intent of this very message. We have one final question for each of you, and again we are using that term collectively. If you question whether you could be that powerful and don’t know the answer, why would you not choose you?

We do love it when we leave with queries of this nature, for as you understand it after study, your world will evolve with your help. 

Oh, wait. The answer to the first question is yes. 


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Here’s the video.

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