Compassion is helpful, and judgment is not

Compassion is helpful, and judgment is not

March 26, 2020

Compassion is helpful, and judgment is not. You all are experiencing some frightening times, but we will tell you for sure, they hold great promise for you all. We will give you a little here, but leave you with a message we delivered a short while ago, and when you apply it to your lives on this day, it will make sense.

Additionally, to add more fuel to the fire of your understanding, we will offer this side note. Roger spent most of his night caring for a frightened friend who believed they were dying. Roger maintained his composure as he knew that wasn’t occurring as he knows that doesn’t happen to any of you. But he had to rev up his compassion, as you are all asked to do now. Roger also knew he was doing his "job."

Roger also planned conversations for today to aid others in moving through this time. These events will bring him and others greater benefit than he imagined, and we will speak on it later. For now, absorb the following message and ask, what will you do now?

Please do your job
February 9, 2020

Please do your job. We are speaking to every soul who reads this message as it will resonate for all who choose to have it do so. We are using Roger as a very reluctant example to explain this message. The fact that we mention he is reluctant will cause more of you to be impacted by our words.

You each are born with desires and aspirations, which many times you don’t know why you have them. They are different than what you might observe in others, and you then make certain assumptions about yourselves. Roger assumed that he was quite strange in many of the actions and behaviors he utilized in the world. Many of you do this because you want to fit into some established norm, but the difficulty you experience with that mode of being is unhappiness. You experience that displeasure because you are being guided to do your job, but because you don’t understand it and it is not tangible, you think it is weird. It is not. Every single soul is meant to be who they are guided to be, and there are no accidents.

Yesterday Roger decided, of course, influenced by us, to record a video on fear and self-doubt. Roger had no other conscious agenda other than he "felt" he was supposed to do it. This morning he saw that a client had scheduled a session with him and paid money. Now Roger does not know if this was a result of the video, but it felt that way to him. What is now essential was that Roger experienced a sense of guilt because he received the money.

Now we come to the point of this message. If you value who you are, your withheld abundance will manifest. Roger’s mentor said to him; others are investing in his services, which is a new concept for Roger. He did not place value on merely following what he "felt" he was meant to do. All of you do this in some way, and on some level, simply because you are not willing to do your job, which is to be yourself ultimately.


It was always your fault

It was always your fault

March 25, 2020

It was always your fault. We know that title captured the attention of many, and you will come to understand why. We gave that title to Roger several years ago and suggested he use it as an exercise in his program. At that time, a person with whom he was working, balked at that title and thought it would offend many because most of you do not want to accept full responsibility for your lives.

What we suggested for the process was for each of you to change your perceptions about what is occurring in your lives. You have become accustomed to giving away your power to others, and the clever manner in which you accomplish this is to use blame. Or make your challenges the result of the actions of another. Now you can always choose that route if you wish, but you will then never be an empowered, fully actualized person.

It took Roger quite a while to write this because he, like you, does not want to examine his unwillingness to harness and use his innate power. That is why he didn’t use this process years ago. As we mentioned, you all will do much more self-examination during this period, and when you become aware of how you have made your life the "fault" of others, you may beat yourself up a bit more, but no need. We will leave you with a message we did give Roger years ago, which will tie this up nicely. But also, forgive yourself first.

November 8, 2009

Finding fault with any aspect of your life experience is merely an indication that you have yet to understand, come to know, or experience the purpose and meaning of that particular aspect.
While that is a long statement, it holds such valuable information as you dissect its parts to gain greater awareness and assist your evolution.

You do not live in an accidental or random universe, for indeed, there would be no purpose or meaning in that. Every event, situation, person, and occurrence was orchestrated in a way to provide you with all the tools to actualize your very own evolvement. Guilt and blame are also indications you are finding fault. Simply use them to your benefit.

You will no longer deny who you are

You will no longer deny who you are

March 24, 2020

You will no longer deny who you are. We are speaking to every person who happens upon these words, for the truth of them will come to you. Your world is moving through a period of significant evolutional change. Change is always evolution even though most of you resist that with all your might.

Let us start at the beginning. You live in a world comprised of collective consciousness or energy. Now you usually only pay attention to what you see in physical form, but there is far more to each of you than that. For this complex configuration to evolve, there must be some reason to do so. Individuals then are born with specific roles to play in this expansion. Each of you was born to play a role, and your role is unique and vital. You all have trouble with this, for as we have said many times, you believe in the hierarchy of souls. When you think in that manner, you end up somehow always making yourself less.

Here comes the story for today. Yesterday we mentioned that Roger didn’t always trust our words or follow them, as he, like you, is continually plagued with self-doubt. Roger received an email with a transcription of a channeled message, received in the same manner as he is doing now. Roger glanced at the first words and couldn’t read any more. He put it away and only opened it later in the evening while speaking with a friend. As he read the full transcript, it was pretty much all the messages we have given you all for more than the last week. He could no longer deny his role.

Then we led Roger to a message we gave some time ago, and now he and you will understand why he had the denial reaction, as you all have in your lives. During this period, you will no longer be able to deny who you came to Earth to be. You can refuse to do that, however, as you do have free will. But regardless, you will know it is your choice, and if you choose to stop the denial, your lives will begin to expand in seemingly magical and fulfilling ways. We own that prediction.

Stop fighting yourself
October 10, 2018

Stop fighting yourself. Those words were intentionally used, and you will understand why. You are all born innately benevolent. While you have sensed and attempted to believe this, you had an experience that pointed out to you how not knowing it causes you to experience unnecessary hardship in your life.

You were in the process of performing a task for another, which you were not asked to do, but you almost thought it to be an obligation as it was helping the other and preventing a foreseeable problem. You also heard the imaginary voices of others, asking, "why are you doing this?" You were doing that because you know that what you give you receive, so why would you choose ever to conceal that part of your nature?

What if you were right? And the reason you don’t have toilet paper

What if you were right? And the reason you don’t have toilet paper

March 23, 2020

What if you were right? And the reason you don’t have toilet paper. We must say it took a while for us to convince Roger to write this message, and he only agreed if we made it light-hearted. While you may think we are speaking only to Roger, that is where you are incorrect, and it is also the thinking that produces every challenge or difficulty in your world.

We have been actively communicating through Roger for decades. During that time, we have given him information that, at times, felt as if they were predictions. Even though many of them bore visible fruit that he could later recognize, Roger still doubted the information, which is what each of you has done. You are moving into a period in your lives individually and collectively, where you will have extended moments of reflection. You will examine every choice you did not make because you doubted yourself, or every action you did not take due to fear.

We will give you one aspect of this today. Where you each stand now in your lives, and that of your world is before probable realities. What that means is no manifested reality is set in stone. Your reality is created through your use of free will. None of this is complicated, but you have chosen to make it that. Your homework for today is to think about this topic. You are creating the reality you want at this moment by the thoughts you are choosing to hold about your desired future. Please create the one you want.

Oh, by the way, you operate individually and collectively, and there is power in numbers. When you think you won’t have toilet paper collectively, you won’t. The same is true for what you want to create, again, collectively.


You always choose the way you want to feel

You always choose the way you want to feel

March 22, 2020

You always choose the way you want to feel. Some of you will read that sentence and become angry due to your current conditions. You will say that you did not choose to feel this way or become isolated in some way. Those of you who have that reaction may gain the most from this message.

When Roger awakened this morning, he found himself in a good mood despite what is occurring in the world. He made a conscious choice not to avail himself of any news that is happening now and decided to commune with us first. Roger made that choice because he knew how it would cause him to feel. You each can make similar choices.

Then Roger looked at a video and knew we wanted him to watch it, which will lead to the next part we want you to understand. The video was of Deepak Chopra, speaking on your current world conditions. What Roger found is Deepak said the words Roger had yesterday. Then we led him to Eckhart Tolle, who performed a similar task for Roger. That task was getting Roger to see he, as most of you, has denied hearing and acting upon valuable guidance. Now the reason this is important for you, and why Roger has come to sacrifice a bit of his pride at this moment, is he, like you, has discounted who he is. The point is, most of you give away your power to others because you think they have or know more. We have often allowed Roger to say he only believes the information he receives from those with titles. You each have done that in some way.

Then we led him to a message of ours that demonstrates the continuity, connection, and perfection of all things. We will post it here, for we knew what was coming years ago. You each are being given a chance to decide how you want to feel during this period. Finally, Roger questioned why he hadn’t come to this place sooner, and we will explain it to you all. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. You each will have your individual periods to contemplate those words. Your world will be better as a result of your actions.

A message from Wilhelm
November 25, 2018

Today’s message will be quite different as we asked Roger to deliver his experience and what he is hearing through us that it might help all of you. Roger is in the process of writing a book which he entitled "Overcoming Fear, A Guide to Freedom." In that process, he is continually encountering his own carried, and sometimes buried fear, as he knew the only manner this book, delivered through us, by the way, would only be meaningful is through his personal experiences.

In his process, he uncovered a message we had given him years ago that offered him validation of his current endeavor. And yet he still attempted to ignore it, as you all do, which limits the access you might otherwise have to a wealth of information that would allow you to live your lives to be more of what you desire. We are now going to give him a quote for his book, and you all may have it now.

"You all will live the life of your dreams when you come to understand that your experience of fear can be helpful when you know it is there to motivate you to move through it, so you experience the magnificence that is you."


Now go to your room and think about what you’ve done

Now go to your room and think about what you’ve done

March 21, 2020

Now go to your room and think about what you’ve done. Yes, we are being a bit irreverent here and injecting humor into your current world dilemma. We must also say our original title was to be, "you needed the fear." But either one will serve our purposes.

Most of you have either heard the phrase or been told to go to your room by your parents or elders. Most times, they did so merely as an attempt to control you or inspire better behavior. That is what is occurring in your world and the lives of each of you individually. Roger is experiencing difficulty as there is so much information coming through, so it would work best to segment it. After all, you each will have more time to devour our information.

We will use Roger’s family as an example, and you will extrapolate wisdom and apply it to your lives, and then the world. Many times when he and his brothers were told to go to their rooms, it was to squelch a disagreement or to force some sort of peace and unity amongst the brothers. Now take that story, apply it to individual countries, see the goal which was desired in Roger’s family of peace and unity, and apply it to the world. You each individually and as countries are being sent to your rooms to accomplish this task in your world. There will be more.


You will come to trust and believe in yourself

You will come to trust and believe in yourself

March 20, 2020

You will come to trust and believe in yourself. Last night an order was delivered by government officials that the residents of California are being asked to stay at home. While many of you dreaded hearing that news, Roger had a surprisingly different reaction and didn’t quite understand why. The reason he had a different reaction was we have told him, and all of you, what would be occurring. All you need do is revisit our messages of the last week or more. We made them quite pointed. Since many of you are home you have the time to study them, and they will bring you to this awareness, and you will know why you wanted this order to be delivered.

We had Roger say to a friend last night this query, which we will give to you all. Imagine that you ordered this pandemic to occur for your personal reasons. That reason, when you allow yourself to see it, will be that you have been withholding a part of yourself, and you have lived your life in deprivation. Roger knew he was receiving this information from us but he, like most of you, didn’t trust himself. We led him to a video this morning where the same information was espoused, and now he believes more.

You each will use this period you’ve been provided to move into your authentic selves, finally.


You and your world have not and will not lose anything

You and your world have not and will not lose anything

March 19, 2020

You and your world have not and will not lose anything. We will deliver some information that will aid a great many of you if you allow yourself enough openness to accept what we say. It took Roger a while to formulate the words, but we think it will work best with a story.

Some more than thirty years ago, Roger happened upon a course of study that provided him with an understanding that enabled him to view and move through his personal tragedies and those of the world with greater ease. The concept he was given was, no one ever dies before their time. And they only do so when it serves their individual life purpose and contributes to the evolution of the world. Now when he views events as your world is currently experiencing, his thoughts are that those who seemingly perished did so to aid some higher purpose of which they had no conscious awareness. But it was also an agreed-upon mission, so to speak. In every case, that collective mission is the deconstruction of your world in its current form.

For evolution to occur, what was in place must be removed. What is being removed is any force that would inhibit the progress of your world as a whole. You may find it difficult to accept this now, but revisit this message in a year, and what will come shining through is its truth. Now what you each fear most is your own death, and again, you will not leave your body before you agree to have that occur, and it will be at a time that is right for you and the world. All you are meant to do now is relax, embrace, and enjoy your now. This, too, "will" pass.


You didn’t believe Jesus either

You didn’t believe Jesus either

March 18, 2020

You didn’t believe Jesus either. We must say it took Roger an incredibly long time to allow us to use those words as he never wants to be controversial. But we, on the other hand, don’t think quite in that manner. Our goal is always to provide you with information that might ease your physical life journey.

Understand that Roger began consciously receiving our information in 1988, and none of you were involved. We said consciously because he, as all of you, have guides with you your entire lives, but you pretend you do not hear their guidance. Now in 2005, when others began reading our words, Roger found himself continually censoring what we might say. He thought he was doing that to protect you all in some way, but actually, he was avoiding being himself, as each of you has.

The other day we gave you a message about dying, which was a precursor to this one. Roger thought this morning we were leading him back to that one, but we were not. We wanted him, and you, to see another, and please pay attention to the date as it corresponds to your world now. To explain our title of this message, what we meant was your only fear now is of your impending physical death. Jesus and we said that never occurs, but what you are asked to do, as Roger was guided through this message, is change and be yourselves, finally! Yes, we were yelling.

November 16, 2015

This one will require contemplation on your part. Times of tragedy always occur, and in what may seem like a strange manner to you, they also actually cause you to evolve. This is true in your personal experience as well as that of your world.

You find this difficult to know or believe as you are in the midst of the tragedy, and it is precisely at those times where you would do well to study your history, and that includes your personal history and that of your world. You will see periods where millions of people perished, or you personally suffered a great loss. All of them eventually lead to a new awareness and, thus, evolution.

This has occurred and will occur throughout your history and that of mankind. Your "job" now is to hold the belief of your expansion to come, and that of your world.

You will never be the same, but you will be better

You will never be the same, but you will be better

March 17, 2020

You will never be the same, but you will be better. We are using subjective words that humans will understand. First of all, there is no better or worse; there is only progress and evolution. You have difficulty with that concept because you refuse to believe you are eternal, spiritual beings.

Your world is currently experiencing great collective fear, and whenever that is occurring, it is challenging to find any value that might come from that. What you each have done over time is attempted to find ways to mitigate your fear of change. Such as your religious or spiritual practices. But you have also made it a habit of only practicing those things on designated days or times, like Sunday. Your progress in your personal evolvement and that of the world is stilted by that behavior.

So then it becomes useful to have events, again, individually and collectively, that would almost force you to believe in something greater than what you see now. It is easy to know this now as more of you are clinging to whatever religious and spiritual beliefs you might have had. At this time, many of you fear isolation, but it could not be "better" for you at this time.

Twenty-five years ago, Roger found himself in a hospital room, isolated for more than the two weeks many of you are fearing now. The way he came out better is he was "forced" to hear us and develop that faith you each seek. You and your world are doing this now and on a grand scale. You will be better.


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