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Day: October 26, 2021

Your beliefs are correct

Your beliefs are correct

October 26, 2021
Your beliefs are correct. We are now giving more information that will lead us to a further explanation during our live talk with you on Saturday. We have made a more significant effort to bring you this message as we want more of you to understand and accept its intention. You will begin to move your restructuring along a bit better and, therefore, aid your world in achieving the experience of unity.

You each come into the world to fulfill a part of your evolutionary journey or your soul’s mission. No one can do that for you, so no one else in your world will hold the beliefs you hold precisely. You will find those with whom you share common opinions on many subjects. But you always discover they are not all the same, even with your close friends and family, because they were not meant to be. You wanted to experience autonomy and empowerment. You have not achieved that goal for yourself if you require those around you to understand your beliefs.

We have now brought you the reason for the existence of the current conditions in your world, and more specifically, your life. You will be further healed when you understand this. Roger listened to the recording of our full moon live talk and began to understand what we meant when we said you use fear and doubt to navigate your way to love, for that is the reason you were born. Then the love you come to embrace is that of yourself, which then becomes your world.

We had Roger record a video entitled, "We were all brainwashed," which we spoke of yesterday. He mentioned that even those in his family did not hold his beliefs. It came up last night in a conversation with his nephew, who thought if more of you understood each other’s beliefs, things would get better. We then told Roger last night after that conversation, the desire you each hold for others to understand you has led to difficulties in your life, and now you see them manifest in your world.

You are the one who wants to understand your beliefs and come to accept them. They are coming from your soul’s direction. You will know if you are following them, for you will experience that state of empowerment, autonomy, and authenticity you sought. You would never need to convince or fight with another. That is what you intended on your life journey. We gave you something years ago that will come in handy now. When you realize all of you want the same thing, your restructuring will be complete. You wanted acknowledgment, approval, and acceptance. You will be fine.

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