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Day: October 25, 2021

Your past is always for a good reason

Your past is always for a good reason

October 25, 2021
Your past is always for a good reason. We are giving you information today, leading to the fuller explanation we will provide during our live chat on Saturday. As we have said, we intend to inspire more of you to believe in yourself and your importance in the world at the time of significant restructuring, which is why we used the tenses in the title to this message.

We said to one person during our live session that we were so happy with what they had accomplished, and they were so stunned by our pronouncement they scheduled a meeting with Roger this week where we will provide more, but we are also using them now to inspire each of you with more belief.

We began giving Roger information for this coming Saturday last Friday. Many of you do not believe that your life experiences were planned to allow you to evolve. We continually make references to this life rather than your past ones to understand this time in your world better.

Friday, we gave Roger the idea for a video we wanted him to shoot, and we told him the title, and we had him make the declaration to his associate that he would do it. If he had not done that, he might have reverted to what many of you do, and that is nothing.

We also told him to tell his associate that it would change his life forever if he did follow through. Roger decided this time to believe us, which is what occurred. Then last night, we used the same friend we have referred to in our talks to complete the story. He is the one we continually use because many of you have judged your past relationships as the reasons for your challenges now. The opposite is true.

Then we had Roger watch a television show that caused him to question how much he believes and what abilities he might possess now and what results they might produce if they were allowed to develop to their potential?

We will leave you with this thought, for it will also further explain our title today and our talk Saturday. We had Roger watch a documentary on Selma Blair, and he kept attempting to avoid what we were telling him to do. We put in that sentence because each of you heard that in a manner that will make sense as we move through the week, but you will be fine.

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