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Day: October 15, 2021

Live your purpose now

Live your purpose now

October 15, 2021
Live your purpose now. We intentionally used every word in that sentence, for we knew it would cause you to read our message. While if you have read our messages previously, you have also had those strange experiences where what we said made sense to you in ways you could not explain, we are making this one a bit more direct.

We used the word live in the title, for we wanted you to think of it as an action verb. We used the word now, to indicate this moment in your evolutionary journey and the current restructuring of your world. And we used the word purpose, because you have spent a great deal of your life doubting that you had a purpose or that it was significant, and again, that is where you were wrong and why we have been doing our best with our live talks to inspire you to more self-belief and far less self-doubt and judgment.

We know the last few years have been challenging for you, and we will leave you with one message we gave you years ago that you are living now. We will post it here, and please know we will explain more tomorrow in our message and live talk with you. We have also advised Roger that we want to deliver our pertinent information first tomorrow so you have a better grasp on the evolution of your world, but then we want to speak to more of you directly.

Those of you who have worked with Roger personally have felt us come through in the information he provides you, and you were not mistaken. You each will reach the place in your life where you will willingly listen to and channel in your manner your higher self, for you are ascending to that state which is why this period has been challenging just as your physical birth was, but now again, you will find, you will be fine.

March 24, 2017
You needed the opposition. While needed is not the appropriate word for need never really exists, it does get you to pay attention. It would be more appropriate to say that you desired the opposition because you knew that would cause you to become motivated, and you wanted the motivation because you knew that would lead you to more self-belief because you also knew that was what you sought and was the only element missing in your personal formula for success.

There is so much for you to study here. The point of all this is that you will find it quite challenging to reach the level of success and accomplishment in your life without developing your sense of self-belief.
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