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Day: October 11, 2021

Nothing feels better than this

Nothing feels better than this

October 11, 2021
Nothing feels better than this. We are beginning this message with Roger’s words after hearing our recording of yesterday’s live chat. As we tell you this story now, we are doing so to continue our talk of yesterday. Our only intention was to encourage more of you to move into complete ownership of yourself and why you decided to be born.

We do not have the recording for you now, for there were some technical difficulties we wanted to be corrected, so all who might listen will gain the value we intended. It will be available later today. We instructed Roger to use two writings on the screen to explain why you are here now and wanted to experience this major restructuring. The answer was so you might know what we mean in the title of this message.

You were born to expand and evolve, which you accomplish by continually releasing your resistance to becoming yourself. You do that by letting go of your self-judgment, doubt, fear, and anger. When you achieve that, you experience the feeling of exhilaration; for now, you know what you were born to achieve has been realized.

During our chat yesterday, Roger said something we had him hear from another source, and now he and hopefully you will begin to live this ambition. When you discover something that you have created, done, or learned that brings value to the world, it becomes your obligation to give it back, for that is how evolution occurs.

Then we told him he must now continue helping others experience the state of exhilaration when they finally accept every aspect of who they are. That is why you were born, and we will continue to aid you in this realization now that Roger has felt it, so will you. And you all will be fine.

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