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Day: October 9, 2021

Take the next step now!

Take the next step now!

October 9, 2021
Take the next step now! We wanted to use the exclamation point to emphasize the importance of this moment in your life and that of your world. We have long said that you are moving through a major restructuring, and it has been long in the making precisely as you have.

We will give you a couple of instances that will allow you to recognize we are speaking directly to you. The essence within you that has been waiting to emerge urges you to do so now. However, you may still be harboring too much fear and doubt to believe that you had something to offer the world, but you do, and that is the main reason we have held our Sunday talks in the hopes that more of you would listen to the information given that would aid you on your journey.

Many of you will read our words and think maybe they might be good ones and perhaps they could even be accurate, but then you don’t want to take that chance to see what might be there so you won’t be disappointed as you have been throughout your life. And even when we said you do not need to attend in person and you can listen to the recording, you still don’t register because it could not be true for you.

We are giving you this caution because there is a pivotal time in your life and the world occurring now that will affect the future you want to see. Which we said was not guaranteed unless you took action. The action we are referring to is the one right in front of you that you have yet to complete or accomplish because you didn’t think it was important. It was, and we will explain why tomorrow, but if you become willing to believe in yourself now, you and your world will be fine.
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