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Day: October 1, 2021

You might also have a masterpiece

You might also have a masterpiece

October 1, 2021
You might also have a masterpiece. We are giving you information that will lead to our live chat with you all on Sunday, but also, it is information that will be pertinent for eight clients Roger will see today. We love saving time and demonstrating synchronicity. Those occurrences always seem to capture your attention.

We will also make this fun, for many of you need that at this time. When Roger awakened this morning, we answered a question for him, and then he argued with us just as you have argued with your guides and your very own intuition. We told you all that we gave you the information in 2012 that you could use to live a happy, successful, and prosperous life. Please note, we are providing you this in stages so you will relate it to your life.

When we made the first statement to Roger and said that it would be something valuable he already had in his possession, he found that difficult to believe. He had such difficulty that it took days for him to glance at the writings to see if anything we said might be accurate. He sensed maybe it was but then didn’t immediately start on the path we told him to take. Then he asked about the title, and then we told him the answer this morning, and that is where the argument began.

We told him to call the book "Your Life Operating Instructions." He said I could never do that, for no one would believe that, not even me. Now we have brought you to the place of understanding your current restructuring and how you are currently answering the question of what you believe you hold inside. The choice that you make will determine the results in your life and that of your world.

We will give you one more hint leading to Sunday, and it is, you were born to be unique and the same. When more of you decipher that one, you and your world will be fine.

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