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Day: October 20, 2020

You are moving in the right direction

You are moving in the right direction

October 20, 2020
You are moving in the right direction. We wanted Roger to use a title that most of you would find it challenging to believe when examining your world’s current conditions. However, we assure you our words are correct if you don’t offer resistance.

As we have said, you are experiencing a massive restructuring, and it begins within each of you. There is not one of you here who was not born for the express purpose of evolving, but that process itself is complicated, as are the subjective words we have used so far like right or wrong; they are meant to refer to you personally. You each have a trajectory in your life that is "right" for you if you don’t fear it and decide to listen to your guidance, for it is always there. You may not always believe yourself like Roger has not, but of course, we provide a story.

Yesterday we spoke of Roger’s difficulty in forgiving himself for a mistake he made. The weight of his guilt felt disproportionate to the incident itself; still, Roger could not move beyond it until this morning with our help. We have said that during this period, each of you will encounter feelings and emotions you may not explain. They also might be ancestral connections of which you have no conscious memory, but that never matters.

In an email yesterday about the incident, Roger commented that even though he couldn’t figure out why he felt the way he did, he also knew nothing is accidental. This morning Roger awakened to use the restroom, and after he decided to relax a bit and turn on some meditation music. Roger fell asleep again, and when Roger awakened, "we" had a video playing that discussed evolutionary psychology. Roger had not heard the term, but a cursory view and with information from us told him he has been accomplishing this his entire life but didn’t have a title for what it was.

You and your world are moving in the right direction if you do not resist your guidance. Now to each person, that guidance is the "thing" you felt you want to do in your life. We will explain more tomorrow, but you will be fine.

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