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Day: October 13, 2020

It’s your turn now

It’s your turn now

October 13, 2020
It’s your turn now. It took us a while to get Roger to write those words for two reasons. The first one is, we are sending him a lot of information to process, but the second is the one for each of you to consider. Roger knows that once he writes what we tell him, he can no longer ignore many of the things we have told him for much longer than he or you could imagine.

As we have said, you and your world are moving through a massive restructuring. Today you entered another intense phase that will last three weeks. Roger no longer holds the ability to think anything is happening in his world and the world at large, accidentally. When he awakened, there was a bit of panic as many of you are currently feeling. Roger knew part of it was his familiar pattern of placing himself in finical worry so that he does something to correct his trajectory. Those words were not accidental, either.

We are aware that many cannot grasp the concept of previous lifetimes, but you don’t have to as you can examine your current lifetime. For those who have followed us for a while, we told you of Roger’s earlier entry into the world of personal development, only to decide he wasn’t good enough and then quit. Now thirty- four years later, he finds himself in a similar position to determine if he will believe in himself now and create the life he wants.

Now you understand what you are up to at this time, and as we have said, you will be fine.

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