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Day: October 2, 2020

Your judgment will halt your evolvement

Your judgment will halt your evolvement

October 2, 2020
Your judgment will halt your evolvement. Those may not have been the words you expected to hear from us today, and they were the words most difficult for Roger to write.

As we have said, your world is moving through a mass restructuring, and the United States would lead the way. Each of you decided to be here during this time to participate, so it aids your individual evolvement. That means you are not all here to do the same thing, one is not more important than the other, and they are all necessary for the evolution of all. During this time, you each are asked to discover what you wanted to move beyond this time, and for Roger, it was a lack of belief.

When your current pandemic began, we began giving Roger information concerning the coming events. Still, he often censored that information for fear of judgment, which has been a trait he’s carried for eons. Some time ago, for instance, we told him to let go of the issue many were experiencing over the idea of wearing masks. Roger did not choose that matter in this lifetime, for he will consider the others first, as he had not always done so in previous lifetimes. The other part we told him was it would all follow universal law, and that it did.

Last night the President of the United States and the first lady tested positive for the virus, and they were the ones denying science, which you all have done, and now you will understand the title of this message. While Roger might say people should have done what he did and studied science to prepare and understand, he also knows other areas in his life where he did the same. Roger also knows others’ beliefs are the necessary elements that allow you to choose who you want to be in this lifetime! Each of you has ignored your ancestors’ gifts, which is the science to live your lives in more efficient ways, and we do not mean anything physical. We even created a program.

Before Roger heard the President’s news, he had a session with a client who was questioning the guidance or intuition he was receiving, and Roger knew he could not have aided him without his continual doubt of his own. Roger’s roommate also said to him that other "spiritual" leaders believe the virus is a hoax. In this lifetime, Roger cannot entertain that idea, for he is here to do the opposite, which is own his innate power that cannot be covered by a mask, which he has attempted in the past. We meant those words literally.

Roger published a video on emotions yesterday before the events, and interestingly he experienced all of them last night. First, he was elated because now, possibly more would listen and decide to live for all. The other, more uncomfortable and troubling part was recognizing his generational resistance in owning his intuitive gift.

By the way, now you will also understand our message of yesterday, "Your birth, this time, is almost complete."

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