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Day: October 9, 2018

How to live in a state of peace

How to live in a state of peace

October 9, 2018

Your one story will help you and all others understand how you establish a state of peace, and how you can achieve it, and maintain it more consistently. First of all, the state of peace is that moment in time where you “feel” yourself not resisting or fighting against anything in your life or your world.

You found yourself annoyed by the actions of another, but at the same time held a greater understanding of why they were operating in this manner, and your empathetic nature kicked in. Then you made a shift in your behavior, which at first felt like an inconvenience, but it brought you what was most important, and that was your state of peace.

You and all others would do well to ponder this message, and then apply it to every area of your life because you can.


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