Your value and worth always manifest when you stop denying they exist

Your value and worth always manifest when you stop denying they exist

July 29, 2021
Your value and worth always manifest when you stop denying they exist. Each person is born into the world to offer a contribution that would cause their evolution to occur and that of the world, and you are no exception. You may have thought that somehow you missed the boat or weren’t given all the right tools that others had, or possibly you were born at the wrong time and in the wrong place, and all of those beliefs were the ones you intended to disprove during this lifetime.

We began this message with the sentiment that you have lived before or, more accurately, always existed. Still, we know that concept is challenging, so we will stay with this lifetime and your current restructuring. You are alive now in your world because you desired to move through some limitations in your life. But we also want you to understand that at this time, you are doing more than that. Because this period is a significant shift in your world, you decided to be here now because your movements and actions, including your willingness to evolve, will change your ancestors’ past and all who came before.

We will give you one more thing, and we will continue this thread until our conversation with you this coming Sunday. The other day Roger’s friend asked why we say we are giving you things in bits and pieces, and we say that is because you don’t accept much of what we say, and giving you more at once would only complicate matters. However, the following story will inform the title of this message.

This morning Roger noticed a voice mail on his office phone, and when he listened, it was a message from someone who wanted to know more about us and our communications. We are pointing that out because our communications are what Roger denied, as you have denied something within you.
When Roger calls, we will have him tell this person that they asked about us because they too have known they have long held something inside them they have denied, and our communications awakened that within them as we hope it does for more of you, but regardless, you will be fine.

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