Your time is now

Your time is now

September 10, 2020
Your time is now. We are making that statement to you, for we know it is accurate, or you would not be reading this message. We are giving Roger a lot of new information, but we will do our best to provide him with words that will allow you to understand our meaning.

You each are born with specific things you want to accomplish in this lifetime. You allow yourself to be born into circumstances, families, countries, cultures, and every manner of identification you can think of that would provide you with the most suitable time and conditions to accomplish your goals. You also are born with free will, so your future is not assured until you decide to become yourself, which always involves moving through limiting beliefs and ideas, many of which have originated in lifetimes of which you have no awareness.

So as you sit here today, you find yourself faced with choices you are making about your future, and it feels to you that you are under some pressure to do so, and you are, but you are the one who manufactured that pressure to cause you to unearth diamonds within you finally. Yes, we wanted to use the plural sense to indicate to you all, you exist in this moment of time in a perfect position to unearth all the greatness you denied about yourself. Only you know what that may be.

We will give you Roger’s, which might stimulate your awareness. In previous lifetimes Roger operated in many ways that might have been viewed as selfish, evil, or just wrong. However, none of those subjective words mean anything but only hold the meaning you have given them. Because of those lifetimes, Roger seeks to create a new balance that he has yet to embody fully. He had not done that before because of his judgment of himself as doing things wrong, just like you have done.

The restructuring we have spoken of is occurring within each of you. And it is to find that balance within yourself, which then will be reflected in your world. You are currently seeing this play out in your world now quite vividly, but rest assured it will end up well. We already gave you the results. You evolve, and more will be apparent tomorrow.

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