Your success is still inevitable if you just do it

Your success is still inevitable if you just do it

February 19, 2020
Your success is still inevitable if you just do it. Yes, we wanted all those words in the title. There are certain days where Roger has more difficulty allowing our communications to come through because he is simultaneously judging himself.

We had given him, and you, the sentiments of the title of this message several times, but you each resist change, especially Roger. The only reason any of you do not accomplish what you desire in your lives is a lack of belief.

As you know, Roger has spoken of a program he wanted to create for years. He felt it was in his destiny, but what he envisioned did not exist in precisely the manner he wanted, so he doubted he could do it. Then Roger conveniently found every excuse as to why he couldn’t accomplish his goal until yesterday. Someone offered the very help he needed, and now Roger was confronted with the real possibility of putting his vision to the test.

The only way he will know is if he does it. You are each doing the same thing. As you study this message again, you will find your lack of belief, and whether or not you want to change that will be in your hands.


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