Your soul family is at work

Your soul family is at work

August 3, 2020
Your soul family is at work. This message will bring you comfort once you allow yourself enough time to understand the meaning intended. Some time ago, we mentioned you were experiencing a restructuring of your world, and the United States would lead the way. The evidence of that is apparent now even though you might not be interpreting it in that manner.

The country is in conflicts over the current pandemic, and great debates about how best to treat it, overcome it, or even believe it is real are occurring everywhere. You each will join one of those groups, and you will see all others as being wrong. Roger found himself doing that until we brought him more understanding. You each only progress in your lives when you make choices, and you make choices when you are giving contrast. The choice that you make will determine the outcome you receive. Most do not believe that is true, for if you did, you would not have made some of the choices you did in your past that brought you less than desirable results. However, no matter the outcome of the choice you made, you evolved because you recognized and used your power, which is all you ever want to experience throughout your life.

Humans want to expand, and revolt when they feel they are deprived of that right. Now you understand your teenage years. You come out of that phase and realize how much you gained as a result of your actions. And you mature and evolve. That is happening in your world now. It could only come about through the appearance of contrast that allows you as an individual, and the world at large to make that choice.

Throughout history, the choice you all collectively make is inclusion for you discover when you own all parts of yourself, you are more powerful. You are doing that individually and collectively, and you each have a role in which your soul family is involved. Yours are the leaders and groups you follow, and none of them are wrong, and all are necessary. You get to decide who you want to be now. We led Roger to see his last night, and there were three distinct ones who all shared similar beliefs. Follow yours, and as we said, you will be fine.

Roger was able to release his judgment, for he also knows that it is the only way you collectively move through this period.

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