Your self-doubt was purposeful

Your self-doubt was purposeful

March 2, 2021
Your self-doubt was purposeful. Roger knows we have often spoken on this subject, but we also told him not to find those messages now because it will be more fun for him to look after. It will also be more informative.

To get Roger to allow this message to come through, we had to keep telling him, and now you, "gained wisdom only turns to gold when shared." We told you how upset Roger was with us, for he believed we had given him inaccurate information about his webinar last Sunday until he discovered we had not.

Immediately after Roger posted yesterday’s message, he met a new client that further informed what he is up to in this lifetime. He received messages of appreciation that assured him his direction was correct, but that is the part that he and you always doubt. But then we said, as we have always said, "if you didn’t have doubt, you might not move to alleviate that uncomfortable feeling." Yes, we said it in a thousand different ways.

Sunday night, Roger decided he would examine what occurred and find the benefit he gained, which always exists in any situation if you are willing to see it. Roger has known his doubt existed about the program he was creating because it was new. We put in that sentence to make you aware of your trepidation when you think you are moving into new territory in your life.

Yesterday Roger said in an email to his nephew that he heard us tell him he would not give up this time. Roger was not aware of why he said it or why just then. Then during the day, Roger decided to complete another week of his program and thought he needed to shoot a new video to explain this information. The details will be fun. Roger showered and got ready to record the video, but before doing so, he looked through his files for a previously recorded video on the subject from four years ago. Roger watched that video and knew he did not need to record a new one as the information was always there, but he was willing to see it now, as you may not have seen what is within you.

The current global restructuring is allowing each of you to move beyond some limitation, and the greatest for most is self-doubt, but we will give you something Roger said Sunday, which he does not remember. He said, "you came here to develop self-confidence and courage only to discover you only needed to uncover it." You will be fine.

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