Your self-doubt was helpful

Your self-doubt was helpful

June 23, 2020
Your self-doubt was helpful. This message will be fun for many of you, even though you are causing Roger to process through an incredible amount of embarrassment to bring it to you. Keep in mind that we are continuing to use our meaning of the collective you, meaning you and the world. Additionally, we are speaking of these current times.

We have said you each are born with intent, purpose, and the innate desire to evolve. None of you trust that fully, and Roger is a prime example. But because he is allowing himself to be that example, he if fulfilling his purpose finally. We are using words that will resonate with many. The story we will tell you will also eventually be realized by all.

Last night before going to bed, Roger decided to take a personality test his family had sent as a fun game. Roger knew he had taken it years ago but thought it would be fun now to see if the results might be the same or similar. The test is composed of questions, so Roger thought maybe he could trick the test, and he attempted to answer the questions quickly. The result he received was as he called them, frighteningly accurate. Roger even missed what occurred. Because he did it so quickly, he didn’t give his human thinking time to implement its usual limitations.

The result Roger received was that of a mediator. When Roger read those characteristics, he knew it was him, which he doubted his entire life, just as you have. The reason we said your self-doubt is helpful is that when you discover you were correct in your intuitive feelings about yourself, you experience exhilaration, and your previous doubts make sense to you. You each will discover this now or later, but you will.

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