Your self-doubt was helpful

Your self-doubt was helpful

July 24, 2020
Your self-doubt was helpful. That sentence is one that each of you will come to understand, and as you do, you will begin to rejoice in the life you were given or have lived. We said that last sentence in that manner as some of you will come to know it in this lifetime and some in others. It is not essential to fully understand that now to gain value from this message. And there is some value for all, but we are also speaking to a few specifically.

This morning Roger came to his computer, and we placed in front of him a video by Paul Brunton entitled "The Short Path to Enlightenment." As Roger began to listen, the reason we wanted him to hear it became evident. Yesterday Roger began questioning our use of language. Roger wondered why we seemed to use words and a manner of speaking that felt antiquated at times. When he listened to Paul, he found a style that was more ancient than ours, and Roger knew that while he could understand all that Paul was saying, Roger knew that others wouldn’t.

Suddenly Roger realized why we called our work, "Empowerment Made Simple."

Over the last few weeks, Roger has had an incident with his thermostat, and he spoke of it in one of his groups but had not allowed us to talk about it because he still hadn’t answered the question, as most of you haven’t. Roger thought the temperature was too warm, so he went to turn on the thermostat, and as he outreached his hand, the thermostat came on. Then Roger thought it was now too cold, so he got up to turn it off, and as he outreached his hand, it turned off. We will tell you this occurred several times. Did he hold that power? That is the question you each are asking of yourselves continually.

We will now attempt to tie this all together, and as you make sense of it, you will know your life is not and never has been accidental. In 1987 Roger decided to write a song, and the title was "Better Than Me." Roger took the song to his friend, who is a music publisher for critique. Roger thought this was the best song ever, but the publisher said it made no sense to her, so it would not appeal to others. Then she told him, "everything in songwriting has already been written, and your job as a songwriter is to say it in a new way that will reach others." While the song’s full lyrics could be placed here, the essence was to answer the question, "who knows better than me?"

Roger has been attempting for decades to answer that question in all that he does and doubted his answers all the way, just as you have. But now he knows his doubt was helpful, and now he will have the courage to see that it was him holding power over the thermostat, just as you are.

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