Your seat of power

Your seat of power

April 17, 2017

It was all in your head. When you typically hear that sentiment or it is directed at you, it feels as if it comes with a bit of judgment or condemnation. If you were to decide to accept that statement as being true, you would also discover your seat of power.

To understand this better you merely need to examine some of your recent events. You will hold thoughts about something that has yet to occur. You will hold thoughts that you think something dangerous, challenging, or uncomfortable will happen. As you do this, you feel bad. The event itself then occurs, and it turns out to be completely different than you imagined. Now you discover you could have chosen to hold thoughts that caused you to feel good. However, the bonus is you have now also found your seat of power.

You can always choose to hold thoughts that cause you to feel good, and that is power.


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