Your purpose is being revealed now

Your purpose is being revealed now

July 24, 2021
Your purpose is being revealed now. That statement is true for every person, or you would not be here now or reading this message. You have never had an accidental thought. You were born at the right time to facilitate your evolution, that of your family, and that of the world. It is all intricately connected, and we will continue to reveal more.

We keep saying that we are leading up to the 25th only to impress on more of you that evolution is a process and you only accept as much as you can at any given time. The time process is in alignment with your evolutionary journey. You have never waited too long to discover yourself unless you believe you have.

Roger knows that he is using his life and our writings to move through his resistance. And that is in alignment with the restructuring of your world as it is for you. He also knows that the part he agreed to play was to move through his fear and doubt to aid others and his soul family.

We will leave you with a message from 2015, and the second paragraph is one that Roger is only understanding today as you will appreciate more tomorrow, and you will be fine.

January 22, 2015
Be prepared. Those two words comprise a slogan that resonates for you and many others, and this is because of the intrinsic truth it holds. When you are in the process of becoming prepared, it also means that you are vibrating, so to speak, on an energy wavelength that is in alignment with who you desire to be, what you desire to create, and what you desire to accomplish. It also means you believe you will receive whatever that is.

The process of becoming prepared is also something that can only be accomplished in your moment of now, which also means that you are not sabotaging your own journey by projecting your limiting beliefs into some imagined future. How it all gets done is none of your concern.

The more you study this, the more the pure logic within the concept will be revealed. The slogan of "be prepared" easily leads you to the next one: "be all that you can be."

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