Your mission is not yet complete

Your mission is not yet complete

July 31, 2021
Your mission is not yet complete. We must begin this message by noting how long it took Roger to receive it, for it will further inform the information for you all. And no, we are not giving you everything and still leading up to tomorrow.

Years ago, long before any of the current circumstances in your world existed, we guided Roger to study more history, more of your leaders, as well as historical events. It was all very odd to him as he had never expressed an affinity for this information but also found it fascinating. We even delivered a message entitled, "you were being prepared" before that, and that coupled with the very first written he has from us informs your world now or this current restructuring.

You each come into the world to fulfill a mission you have that is part of your evolutionary journey and your soul family, and all of that is part of the collective you, which we have spoken of often. When you are born, you want to achieve or fulfill things specific to each of you. But you also encounter doubt and fear along the way. All of that is purposeful as well. Many of you do not move without impetus which typically arrives in some form of contrast or conflict. Then you get to choose who you want to be this time and in that choice you further your evolution and that of all others.

When this restructuring began, we gave Roger an explanation that served his evolutionary journey, which is the same as all others. But as it is for you, it is individual. Roger has known he was meant to bring together spirituality, science, and human potential, which is why we led him to the likes of Einstein and Tesla.

All of this was great except for the fact that he, like you might have done, did not trust himself, and part of the reason he struggled this morning is his mission is not yet complete, but his awareness of this is what we want you each to notice for it is the same for you.

We told him that the purpose of this particular restructuring was to enable more of you to love yourselves and, therefore, all others. Still, you will see that mission is left to be completed by you and your world, but you are in process, and you will be fine if you decide to accept responsibility.

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