Your life will reveal your mission

Your life will reveal your mission

October 22, 2019

Your life will reveal your mission. We know that many will think they don’t have a mission, but you do. Attempt to accept this premise, and for some of you, it will be transformative. And others, at the very least, will feel better about themselves.

Imagine that before you were born, you saw the world and came upon parts of it you felt could use improvement. You then decided that was the role you would take on because you knew that your contribution would help fill that hole you saw in the world. As you move through your life then, you feel internally feelings and emotions that inexplicably draw you to certain people and places, and cause you to take specific actions. The experiences that cause you to experience joy are indications you stumbled upon your mission.

Yesterday we gave Roger a message on self-doubt. He had such a reaction to this, and it felt to him as if he had discovered the holy grail. Roger called many others to make sure that what he thought he found was valid. Finally, he accepted it. No one else would have a more exciting reaction to your realization of your mission than you. You come to understand your mission at the right time in your life.

Roger has now accepted his mission is to help others move beyond self-doubt because he struggled with it and is deciding to move through it. He could not have achieved this earlier in his life and offer the full value of his mission. You each have your mission, so please fulfill it.


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