Your life was perfect

Your life was perfect

November 23, 2019

Your life was perfect. Yes, we are speaking to your dead self. Many of you fear this process, and it causes you to not live fully in your lives. It took a while for us to convince Roger to speak on this, so stay with it. Even if you find it difficult to accept our explanation, make it a game to play in your life, and you will still achieve our desired result.

Last night we disrupted Roger’s sleep to send him this information. While it is not new to him, he never mustered the courage to talk about it. When we disturbed his sleep, it made him available for even deeper understanding. Roger rarely remembers his dreams and has envied others who do. But then he knew on some deep level that he was not supposed to do this as his accepted role was to interpret information received from infinite intelligence and translate it into language that humans would understand.

Roger was in an alpha state, which he didn’t understand fully, but it provided him with greater recall for our purposes. In this almost dream state, Roger found himself explaining his life. He was speaking to his family members as they were the most visible, but his explanations were clear. Roger could explain why he had taken actions in his life. He was able to understand why he had particular relationships, and even why he lived in specific cities. From this overview, he could see the perfection of it all.

We will leave you with one final thought. When Roger understood why he had the challenging and difficult experiences, the remembrance of pain was gone. You will come to know this.


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