Your life is not confusing

Your life is not confusing

October 11, 2019

Your life is not confusing. We are using Roger as an example, for he has agreed to fulfill what feels to him like being a sacrificial lamb. We use that terminology intentionally for him. There is much information coming through, and those of you who decide to absorb it will gain valuable insights into your lives.

Yesterday he suffered an emotional blow when someone abruptly decided to no longer work with him because Roger’s plan wasn’t well thought out. They were referring to a business plan, but Roger knew that his mission, as he sees it, was never to follow a plan but to allow himself to create something new. You all feel alone at times when you embody this yourselves, but that is also the most helpful to your evolution.

Then Roger, had another friend say his messaging is confusing. Again, Roger knew that was correct for him, as he has seen his life as a process of constant unfoldment. Unfoldment is coming to the clarity of confusing things, which Roger knows is his path.

Another friend sent him a video on releasing abundance blocks. Roger attempted to watch, but he also knew quite clearly what his blockages were as he had just stated them in vivid terms to his brothers. “I will never be rich until I do what I know I’m supposed to do in this life.”

We led Roger to a video last night of Dr. Wayne Dyer, whom he admires. Wayne referred to a book he said touched him deeply. The subject was the five biggest regrets of the dying. The first one that resonated for him is below and has ruled his life, as it has for most of you. When you look at this regret and place yourself within it, you will know your life is not confusing. It was only you not being you.

” I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

The operative word there is courage. You all must be willing to develop it to embody yourselves entirely.


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