Your life holds value, meaning, and purpose

Your life holds value, meaning, and purpose

September 28, 2019

Your life holds value, meaning, and purpose. If you are reading those words, then this message is meant for you. That sentence is true for every single person, and if you do not believe that, you may come to know it more as we use Roger and his mother to illustrate the point.

In 2010, Roger’s mother was in failing health and about to leave her physical body. He witnessed her fear and pain and did everything in his power to ease her transition. During this time, she fell deeper into states of dementia. It appeared that what helped her the most was our messages. Roger attributed here reaction to her lapsing mental faculties. Roger’s mother, Doris, would say to him, “I want to leave a legacy.”She made this statement as she felt she was dying without leaving something of value as in inheritance. Roger would say, “You are leaving your legacy through your sons.” He didn’t accept the words he spoke, and he attempted to ignore his value, meaning, and purpose, even though now it was made evident through his mother!. His mother didn’t allow that to happen. After she died, there was a “miraculous” event that Roger knew was her saying she was still in communication. Roger knew she was saying to him, “take our words and communicate them more.” He didn’t feel that could be his value, meaning, and purpose as he didn’t have to work for it.

That long story was to say that you all do this, and at some point, you will recognize, as Roger is your value, meaning, and purpose. It may take a while, but when you do, you will live your life fully.


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