Your life between lives

Your life between lives

June 27, 2020
Your life between lives. First of all, we must commend Roger, for he is trusting us far more than he ever has in his life. Hopefully, that is an indication to you all of how your life in this lifetime progresses. That sentence will make sense in a moment.

Roger heard the phrase yesterday, which is the title of this message. Roger attempted to put it out of his head, but as usual, our stubborn persistence would not allow that to occur, for we know this message for many of you, will help you. We have always said you are in the right place in your life at the right time, and it is not possible for any of this to be a mistake, meaning your life.

Most of you, at some time in your life, contemplated your death, but probably more you questioned what happens to you when you die. Your religions have given you various ideas, and the one you debate the most is reincarnation. You will wonder whether or not you have lived before or will come back again. You only hold those questions because you don’t understand or can’t accept from your human perspective if any of that is real, or believe you are eternal spiritual beings.

We will use an event from Roger’s life on the other day to illustrate the point. Roger asked his client to find songs that they really loved. Together they began to analyze the lyrics of the songs chosen by the client. And to their surprise, all of them revolved around a similar theme. Could that have been accidental?

We have told you Roger’s favorite film is "Defending Your Life." If you are not familiar, the film’s premise revolves around deciding whether or not you have done a good job in your life. The main character could not figure out what they were supposed to have done because they thought it was about things they "should" have done rather than recognizing what they were afraid to do. Is there any question as to why that film would have been important to Roger or informed his life? That is what each of you is to come to know during your life between lives, but if that concept is too confusing, this one will not be.

You can see what you did yesterday know if served your expansion or if you responded and reacted to fear. You are doing that now, and surprisingly so is your world.

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