Your judgment at this time will not help you or them

Your judgment at this time will not help you or them

November 25, 2020
Your judgment at this time will not help you or them. As we have said, you are all moving through a massive restructuring, and no one will be exempt from the resulting emotions, feelings, and energies that emerge. An analogy we gave Roger was that of a volcano. You have many examples that exist in nature that reflect and correspond to your internal self. Now we will have that make sense.

We mentioned the other day that Roger planned a talk for today, and the topic he chose was how to handle change, and your family over the holidays. Little did he know at the time we would provide him with the perfect examples in his life to help you all. After all, that is what he chose as his life mission, and now you each are finding yours.

Last night Roger was in conversation with two of his brothers, and they discussed the recent family turmoil which to each of them felt out of proportion to the events occurring, and they were correct. They also attempted to try to figure out the reason that one family member, in particular, was expressing so much rage during a previous call. We will put that with another story for the full impact.

Then Roger noticed several comments on his YouTube channel where he will occasionally place our words. In the past, these types of events would have Roger stop cold in his tracks, not engage, and do everything to avoid conflict. As Roger looked more at the comments from this person, he came upon another posting and it was filled with anger, but that anger was about their life and how they felt everything had been unfair, and somehow they believed if they vented that anger at Roger it would be resolved, and that never works.

In both instances, Roger could see that the responses from the individuals were not coming from the current conditions, but the conditions you collectively let build to become that volcano. Now we will tell you how to handle your holidays, as inevitably these issues will come up for release because you are all restructuring.

But the good news is you have a solution. If you decide to do what you were born to do, you will release your internal anger, and you will offer forgiveness to yourself and all others. You see, the restructuring was for you to discover yourself. What Roger did with that angry person was to offer them the opportunity to talk. You each have a role to play in this restructuring, and your first order of business will be to release your judgment of yourself, and then you will aid others. You each have withheld who you could be, and that is the source of your frustration and theirs. You all will be fine.

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