Your idea will change the world

Your idea will change the world

November 27, 2019

Your idea will change the world. Yes, you. We are speaking to every soul for that statement is valid for all. Every word we are using is intentional. If you had difficulty accepting any aspect of this subject, it means you have uncovered your problem in manifesting the life you desired.

First of all, we said it will change and not it could change. You each have interpreted the word change to mean something grandiose, so it becomes challenging for you to imagine that little ole you could have such an effect. Change merely means that you add something to the world that facilitates evolution. You accomplished that goal when you were born because you were a new and unique individual. That in and of itself is an idea you offered.

Roger has agreed to throw himself under the bus for your benefit. He thought you would appreciate that reference. Yesterday we gave him an idea that Roger felt could help so many, including himself. Then he immediately began to doubt that what he uncovered could be of any value for if it were, it would have already been done now. Does that sound familiar? Now to make matters worse, Roger has operated in this manner even when he received evidence of the value of something he might have done. To prove the point, we had several people send him messages yesterday to thank him for his words that had made a difference for them. His words then changed the world, and so will yours when you own them.


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