Your greatness always awaits your recognition

Your greatness always awaits your recognition

May 3, 2021
Your greatness always awaits your recognition. Yes, we are speaking to you, and you will come up with your interpretation of the word greatness but what we mean by it is whatever causes you to feel a sensation of wholeness and empowerment.

We know that not all accept the idea you have lived many lives. Still, make the slightest attempt to entertain the idea. It could give you the much sought-after explanations for why you have had difficulty moving through challenges in your life or why at times, you feel you are being punished for something you can’t remember.

Nevertheless, you can clearly see the restructuring occurring in your world, so it is happening within you. If you slightly study your history, you will notice dramatic changes that untimely ended up in improvements, but the road there was typically paved by challenges. That is how your life proceeded until you came to this point in time.

Now you each will be asked what you desire to create now. The wisest way you can decide to do this is by doing the thing in front of you that is yet to be completed, for that is why you wanted to be alive now.

Yesterday Roger was faced with the question we would like you each to answer, and that is what do I want to do now? The reason your personal greatness has not manifested before now is in the title of this message. You each have greatness within you, but it can only be recognized by you, and that requires your acceptance. If you do what you love, you will achieve your goal in this life, and you will be fine.

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